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High School Love - Season 1 - Episode 21
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Which i wouldn’t want. Later on i discovered that some letters i wrote to latifat were missing in mx bag, including the book we use to pass the letters. I knew damilola had a hand in it, and i dont know her motive for taking the letter a so i just pretended as if nothing happened at all. One day after coming out from the staff room i saw damilola, latifat, agba and her other friends talking to latifat. I wante3d to join and know what they were talking about because i already know what they were talking about. I could see their faces as they want me to be there but i shook the idea of going there and went into my class. while i was in my class students in the other class came and told me that they were discussing that were in a relationship and they are going to report. seriously what they said just pissed me off, l felt like beating agba, but this boy want me to break the record that i wovld nott fight ln the school. i stood up and went to the other class and i met them talking. agba if u…

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