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High School Love - Season 1 - Episode 3
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I like those Name buti will prefer to call you damshi, i usually watch movies and i liked the name, am a fan of korean movies. But joseph the name sounds akward, just call me dami. That sounds alright, okay dami i can see you are smiling now, i saw you looking gloomy and decieded to cheer you up, now that i have done that let me be going, i have things to do.

I almost shouted no, don’t go, but i just managed to say okay bye. Okay and he left.

I became sad again but cheered up when i remembered his angelic voice and pictured him singing love songs to my hearing with his seductive smile “am really in love”. Days, weeks passed by and joseph became popular in the school, he was liked and loved by both teachers and students, he didn’t even talk to me after our last discussion, i guess he is always busy, even during the break he is always busy, and i couldn’t bring myself to go to him, not that i didnt want to, 6 but i wanted to protect my pride. You know that girl mentality that the guy has to mee tbe.

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