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High School Love - Season 1 - Episode 6
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On how we should focus on our studies and cooperate with the teachers, that didnt concern me, i only wanted to focus on my love. But wait, why am i even fansitising about love i don’t even know if he feels what i feel for him, i immediately shook the thought from my mind. All the subjects taught that day were as if it was given in chinese, i was thinking why he dosent want to come to me or did i offend him, why was he treating me this way.

The week passed by without us talking to each other and i didnt expect anything from d next week, i was gradually losing my feelings 4 him, but little did i know that the next week was just going to be a victorious one. We resumed the next week. While me and my friends were discussing in the class during the free period our class teacher entered and we greeted him in union. Good afternoon sir. Good afternoon how are you. Fine thank you sir.f ok without wasting much of our time, we are going to elect our new class captain, so nominate your candidates……..

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