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High School Love - Season 1 - Episode 7
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I nominate joseph a voice said from the back. Now listen if you hear your name just come out, joseph come out, next. Damilola another voice said in which i came out i was not happy that i was nominated and i couldn' t contest against joseph. Prevail and joshua were the last students to be nominated. After we had all come out the class teacher asked the class to write the nomines they want as their class captain in a sheet of paper and give it to him, the person with the highest vote will be the class captain and the second highest was to be the assistant class captain. few minutes after he counted it and cleared his throat to announce the result. So after the result our new class captain is joseph. And our assistant is damilola. I was very happy that i almost shouted “yea”. WhY won’t I be happy i was going to be very close to my love, not even close we were going to be working together. We were called to give our speech. Joseph emphasize on the class cooperating with us, and he was appaluded…

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