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High School Love - Season 1 - Episode 9
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But how? The week passed by and i was still thinking of how to get to him, he didn’t even gave me anxthing to do as his assistant, he always does things himself single handedly without hinvolving any body. Since i couldnt go to him because of my pride, i decided to use another way that nobody would guess, it was friday and there was usually a fellowship for the christains and the jumat service for the muslem after the closing, the christains uses one of the classrooms in conducting the fellowship, while the muslems find a shade for their jumat service. It was Going to the closing time and i had to rush over to meet him before he goes home, he always behaved like a spirit or should i say a ghost, you can sit with him now and you look front and then back you wont c him again. But i went over to hlm and i thank God he was the only one in class, from the look of things he was writing his notes, and the expression on his face when i saw him showed that he didnt wanted t0 be disturbed but i………

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