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If You No Get Money, Hide Your Face - Season 1 - Episode 2
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Ryan left Onitsha to Owerre- Ezukala
where his parents are based. When he
got to the house, he met no one at
home; he quickly went straight to the
kitchen and dropped the food stuff he
brought along with him. As he emptied
the bag containing the foodstuff, he
heard footsteps. He left what he was
doing to see who just entered the

‘Addison, where is everybody. How
come I entered here and the door was
opened’ he asked his little sister.

Sorry Brother. Welcome. I just
went outside to buy garri and
groundnut to take. I am very hungry and
no food in the house.

Where are your brothers?

They must have gone to play
football in Chinedu’s house.

Go to the kitchen, I brought some
food stuff. See if you can prepare
anything with them. Hurry, I am very

Addison: Okay brother. She ran to the

Ryan: Errmmm… Addison, he called out.
What is it that Papa wants to talk to me

Hmm.. Brother, you will have to
wait for Papa to give you the news
himself because if I tell you now eh, I will
be in trouble.

Tell me what it is joor.

hmm, brother. I don’t want to
enter trouble ooo.

Addy! Addy! he said as he went
close to her to pat her on the back. Okay,
tell me and I promise to act like you
never told me. Please nah! She struggled
off his hold. ‘You know you are the only

Minister of information in this house’ he
said smiling.

Addison: I won’t she said smiling ,
swinging her right leg back and forth.

Please nah!

Okay, fine! The reason why
Papa said you should come home is
because he wants to tell you and
everyone in the house, he wants to take
a second wife.


That is not all ooo. ‘I even
heard him telling Mama that you will go
and accompany him to pay the bride
price few months from now’ she said
looking round the house to make sure
no one is eavesdropping on them…Hmm
brother, Mama don talk tire but it seems
Papa has already made up his mind.

What kind of nonsense is this one
now. When things are as hard as ever,
Papa wants to marry a new wife. I will
have to talk him out of it.

No point brother! He has
already made up his mind. You know
how Papa is, once he says he will do a
particular thing, he hardly changes his

Okay, you can go and continue
with what you are about to do.

Ermm brother, please don’t tell
anybody ooo. Just act like you do not
know because if Papa gets to know that
you are already aware, he will not be

No Problem Addy, you have my
word. She nodded and went about
cooking dinner for the family with the
foodstuff Ryan brought along.


Aria works as a Storekeeper in
Chiwendu’s Store situated at Gowen
Plaza Asaba. They specialize in selling
whole sale and retail drinks. There, she
met Jayce Mbatu who works at Guinness
Company as a promoter of their brand
and goods. Ever since then, they both
have been friends, they share everything
troubling them. Even though, Jayce likes
Aria more than a friend but since she is
hooked with another guy, he respects
her decision and judgment.

Jayce met Aria sitting all alone in the
store, with her hands on her chin as if
she was worried about something.

Aria, are you okay? ‘Remove your
hand from your chin joor. You don’t
know how you look like when you do
that’ he said as he stood in front of her.

Jayce! I am fine Jare, just lost in
thought thinking about my personal

‘What is it’ he asked as he drew a
chair close to him and sat down. Hope
no be man problem because anytime
wey I see you like this na Ryan matter
you dey think of.

‘Can I ask you for a favor please’
she asked ignoring his statement.

Sure. What is it you want?

Can I get like eighty thousand naira
from you?

Ah! That is a huge money. What
do you want to do with eighty thousand

Actually, It is for something
personal. I promise to pay you back but I
will pay in installment. You know say my
salary na forty thousand naira per

Aria, you haven’t answered the
question. What do you want to do with
forty thousand naira?

Looking at him and contemplating
whether to tell him the reason why she
needs the money or not. ‘Errmm Jayce’
she said scratching her head, ‘I need the
money for personal reasons’.

It is for Ryan abi? That is why you
need such a huge amount of money.
How can you even pay me back when
you earn only forty thousand? Is Ryan
pestering you for cash?

It is not like that na. I just need it
badly. If you cannot help, just tell me
instead of you to keep questioning me.

Jayce: Ehen! Sorry ooo, for my own
money again? I need to know the reason
because it is my money and i will like to
know what you need the money for and
when you will pay me back.

I will pay you twenty thousand
naira each for four consecutive months.

Jayce: What do you want to use the
money for?

For something personal na shooo,
which kind question be this one na. Give
me if you go give me no dey ask jamb
question abeg.

Jayce: Okay, but na fifty thousand naira I
go give you oooo.

Aria: Thanks I appreciate. I promise that
I won’t disappoint you when it reaches
time for payment.

‘I hear’ he said looking at her and
wondering why she refused to tell him
the reason for the money.


At about 9:00PM in the evening, after the
whole family members have had their
dinner, Mr. Ejiofor called his wife and
children in the sitting room for a family

Mr. Ejiofor:
Mama Addison, Errmm..Ryan,
Cameron, Dylan, Adam and Addison he
called each and every one of the looking
them in the eyes. I called you all here
today because from now on, you all will
have a step mother. You will treat her
with love and give her the necessary
respect required. Treat her like you treat
your own mother and… he was
interrupted by Ryan his first son.

Papa, you want to marry? I cannot
believe this. How can you marry when
we can barely stand on our feet in this

Mr. Ejiofor: ‘Ryan, will you shut up’ he
shouted. What do you mean how can I
marry? Am I not the man of this house?

Mrs. Ejiofor:
ah ah! Papa Addison, the
young man just asked a question na.
Instead of you to answer the question
you are busy shouting at him for

Mr. Ejiofor: looked at his wife with anger
in his eyes and continued with what he
was saying. As I was saying before I was
interrupted, I want you all to respect her
so that we can all live in peace. Ryan, you
and some of my people will accompany
me to her village to pay her bride price
next month. Will give you the date in due
time. “Addison?” he called

Yes Papa

Mr. Ejiofor:
You are our only daughter in
this house and you are the only one
occupying your room. I want you to
move your things to your mother’s room
and get that room ready for your step
mother. Did you hear me?

Yes Papa.

Mr. Ejiofor: Good. Is there anything else?
Any question. They all chorused ‘Yes’
Alright, Let me start with you Ryan. What
is the question again?

In this time of hardship, when
there is no job and we are all trying to
put our heads above waters, Who will be
responsible for her kids when they start

Why would Mr Ejiofor decide
seeking a Second Wife despite the
hardship condition?

Is Aria taking the
right step?

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