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IN The DARK (A Story Of Love, Betrayal And Survival)  - Season 1 - Episode 44
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It was khole’s wedding day! She looked so beautiful in her wedding gown and her diamond jewelry.Her flower bouquet was beauty and everything was just perfect.I was dressed in a red gown and a cream heels.Everybody was ready to walk with khole down the hill.There was video recorder everywhere to capture the whole event.The house was filled with guest and there was merriment everywhere.It was time for celebration. There was a brief time of emotion,when khole’s parent were showering her with prayers just before we had the first picture of the day.

After the picture we went to the registry with my foster parent and other close family members. Jordan was looking dazzling in his blue suit when we met him at the registry.He looked drop dead gorgeous. I felt proud to be his girl and if not for the crowd, i would’nt mind kissing him immediately.Jos h also looked breathe taking in his suit and again it was difficult to tell who was more handsome between the duo. The bride and the groom were in the front, while myself and Jordan followed them from behind as the best man and the best lady.The bride and groom parents followed us as we went into the registry for a court wedding.Vows were exchanged and the legal marriage certificate was presented to the couple. Khole legally became Josh’s wife, For better for worst. It was a really happy moment for everybody. After the court wedding the bride had a little makeup touch and we all head to the church for the white wedding. Myself, khole and nelly were in the beautifully decorated Limousine.The Sekxy divas followed closely from behind in a white Gwagon.

The little braids and the cute bridal kids followed in the VENZA Josh got for khole and finally, mom and dad were in a beautifully decorated Prado.It was a grand entry as the cars filed into the church compound.

The groom and his followers arrived the church before us and the service commenced immediately we arrived. The congregation were asked to raise on their feets while the groom and the best man stood infront of the altar as the braid was led in by her father.It was a very emotional moment for khole and Mi dad, as he proudly led his daughter to the altar. Khole could not stop crying when she got to the altar, mi dad had to give her a long hug which was later ended by the reverend in charge of the wedding.I could see mi mom burry her face into her handkerchief as well, i could not help but let a tear roll down my cheek as well. Vows were made, rings were exchanged, kisses were exchanged, songs were presented and offerings rendered. I was sitting next to Jordan through out the whole time in church

.Sometimes he would sq££ze my hand and i would laugh and sometimes he would whisper something naught into my ears.He could not take his eye off me…. Finally khole became josh’s wife religiously. love and to cherish, for better for worst, till death bring them apart. It was a beautiful event. ***************
******* Khole was more lively after the church wedding. We drove together with Josh to the reception and they were all over each other during the ride. Jordan also kissed me and made some sweet promises as we cuddled. I was glad nelly was not with us, she had joined the other girls in the rangerover. The reception took place at Romhics hall and before our arrival it was beautiful decorated in the dress code. We made a grand entry into the hall as 2face performed for the entry. Bridal train and the men in suit, followed by the newly weded couple. My favourite moments were when Gfresh performed “Awelewa” for the couple slow dance. It was a beautiful moment as they kissed passionately during the dance. The couple danced with each parent while Tiwa savage performed. Mi dad stole the spot light as he show off his shoki skill. It was also a beautiful moment when the couple fed themselves cake and wine, khole teased Josh by dancing round with the cake before feeding him with it. Gifts were presented and picture were taken by Josh Collage Photography according to arrangement. Finally it was time for the couple to leave.They were scheduled for a night flight to Jeju island for their honey moon.It got emotional when mi mom burst into tears as they were about to leave. I had to take her into my arms and assure her that Khole would be fine before she let go of her daughter. It was difficult to say goodbye to a best buddy! A sister!! And a friend! ***************

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