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IN The DARK (A Story Of Love, Betrayal And Survival)  - Season 1 - Episode 48
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I looked at Jordan with tears in my eyes and
i said “So you want to mourn her forever?
You want to leave everybody behind
because of nelly? You want to ignore all
people that love you? You want to put a stop
to our love? The love it took us this long to
nurture? Jordan tell me!. Look into my eyes
and tell me you do not need me no more! Go
on, tell me you want to mourn her till
eternity. Tell me to leave instead of showing
your weakness to me. Jordan just say it!”
shouted. I fixed my gaze on Jordan for a
long time, waiting for an answer. He did not
reply he only climbed down from the bed
and sat on the couch. I was loosing it, i was
at the point of giving up on love, i could not
bare to loose Jordan because of nelly again.
Words could not express how angry i was at
Jordan, to avoid further mess i had to take
my leave, not minding the fact that i was
disobeying Jordan’s mom. “I dO not give a
Bleep about the mother and son”.
I said. I
wiped my tears and picked up my bag.

I grabbed my phone and made for the door.

“Dont leave” i heard Jordan say just when i was about to open the door. I stood rooted to a point without turning back. Jordan
walked up to me and held me from behind.

He leaned his head on my shoulder and said
“Am so confuse right now sun shine, i just
need you to stay with me baby. Please don’t
leave me”
Jordan words made alot of
meaning to me, i realised he was just
confused and walking away would have
been a huge mistake. I turned back and

faced Jordan with my back on the door. I
held his face and said “I know your heart is
saddened because of Nelly’s death, but i
need you to let me make you feel better. Tell
me what is love if am not really sure of how
you feel? I need to be sure baby, I just
wanna be sure”.
Jordan sighed and looked
into my eyes. He smilled weakly and said

“You want to make me feel better, please do.

This pain is becoming unbearable”
I did not
know how to make Jordan feel better, but i
had to try my possible best. I wrapped my
hand around his neck and said “How about
this?” ”
I placed my lips on Jordan’s and
kissed him. I could tell He was not expecting
the kiss, he only hummed and responded to
the kiss. Jordan placed his hands on my hips
as we continued to kiss. I kissed Jordan
passionately as if my life depend on him, i
would kiss his lips and sU-Ck his tongue as i
caressed his head slightly. Jordan placed his
hand on my as* and sq££zed gently, he
then patted my legs for me to climb on him.
I climbed on Jordan and continued to kiss
him slowly as he carried me to his bed.

He placed me on my back and he climbed on
top of me. I found myself wanting more of
Jordan, i never knew i could be so into him
and different emotions i never knew existed
came to live. Jordan stopped to kiss my lips,
he moved to my earlobe and kissed me
gently as he whispered sweet words into
my ear. I felt love and romance at the same
time. Jordan placed his hand on my b0s0m
and gently unbutton my blouse. I felt so
good as he worked on my b0s0m, he would
squeez and sU-Ck each of them at interval, i
m0aned softly as he used his mouth on my
b0s0m. While Jordan was still working on my
b0s0m, i felt his hand on the zipper of my
trouser. After he unzipped, he tried to
remove my trouser and during the process,
he would slightly brush is hand over my
private. I felt really wet and saw the need to
remove my trouser which was serving as a
hindrance. I raised myself up gently to make
it easier for Jordan to remove my trouser.

Jordan sat on the bed in between my legs
and gently removed my trouser and blouse, i
was left with my underwear in bed. Jordan
climbed down and removed his trousers, he
was left with his boxers without a shirt. I
could not help but trip for his chest muscle
and six packs. Jordan went for my bra
immediately he joined me in bed, he
released my b0s0m from my bra cup and he
hungrily fed on my b0s0m, i felt in paradise.
He removed his mouth from my b0s0m and
went down for my pant. He gently removed
my pant and deep a finger into my private, i
felt my body shiver as i whined my waist to
his touch. Jordan replaced his hand with his
mouth on my private and he sU-Cked me
gently. I could feel my wetness and i could
not help but feel the urge to have S£x.

I raised Jordan’ s head to meet my gaze and i
said “Make love to me baby” I could see the shock in his eyes. I did not give him the time to respond as i immediately went for his
boxer. Jordan held my hand and said “Are
you sure about this? We do not have to go
this far”
I placed a finger on his lips and said

“Shhhh Just Do It!” Jordan wanted to say something else but i stopped him with a
kiss. I kissed him so passionately and
m0aned into his mouth. Jordan removed his
d**k from his boxer and entered me. I gave
him my virginity because i loved him.

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