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IN The DARK (A Story Of Love, Betrayal And Survival)  - Season 1 - Episode 49
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“Wake up baby” Jordan said and kissed my neck from behind. I slowly opened my eyes and I hummed, remembering what went
down between myself and Jordan some
hours back. “Any regrets?” Jordan asked,

interrupting my thought. I replied no with a
smile and turned to him. Jordan held me
close to himself and kissed me fully on my
lips. He removed the strand of hair in my
eyes and said “Thanking you is not enough
to appreciate you for loving me baby. You
sacrificed something so important just to
make me happy, right now i feel so
worthless of this love. Sun shine, i just want
you to know that I love you and i will always
do. I promise to always be with you even in
death. Wherever you go- I go, You love- I
love, You hate- I hate, You fight- I fight, You
cry- I cry, but if you leave- I will never leave
you, because with you is where i belong
honey. I Love you from the sky back to earth
and much more”
Jordan stopped to talk and
he kissed me passionately. At that moment I
felt nothing but love without regret for my
action. The loud ringing of my
phone,interupted my kiss with Jordan. I
slowly picked my phone and checked the
caller I.D, it was Mi mom. My heart skipped a
bit as i accepted the call. Mi mom informed
me that she would be coming home lately
that night and dinner should be anything i
felt like eating,she also said i should eat and
sleep without waiting for her. I was relieved
that My foster parents were not home.

Elderly people they say do have their ways of
detecting when you have S£x. Jordan pulled
me into his arms again and i had to fight the

urge of making love with him again. I slowly
stood up and made use of Jordan’s
bathroom to cleanup, during which i
discovered my private was alittle sore and
painful but i could still manage to walk. After
dressing up Jordan combed and packed my
hair for me in a bid to show his love for me,
though he was not really good at it, it felt
romantically good.I had a long kiss with
Jordan before making for the door. Jordan
would pull me back and kiss me at interval
as we walked to my car.Though we had
shared lots of kisses but we could not get
enough of each other. ***************
***** ** I got home tired, the pain i felt in
between my legs increased and i was lost
on what to do.The only person i could
confide in to get tips was khole,without
minding the distance i place a call through
to her. Without a long pleasantry,i told khole
about what went down between Jordan
and I and i informed her that i needed her
help on what to use to relief the pain.Khole
could not stop screaming “What?!!” when i told her, she asked me if i was sure i was
doing the right thing a million times before
telling me to check her wardrobe for some
pills. I told khole not to worry about me and
ended the call. I got the pills from khole’s
wardrobe immediately and took two of it
with a cup of milk, after which i retired to
my bed.The following day was the opening
of the overhead bridge by the president, i
had to sleep well, to wake up energetic for
work. ################## “Holy
I screamed immediately i opened my
eyes. The time was 9:00am and i was
suppose to be at work at 7:00am.I rushed
to the bathroom to take my bath. The pain
in between my legs had reduced thanks to
khole. I hurriedly wore a jump suit on a flat
shoe and left my room without makeup. I
met my foster parent at the dinning room
having breakfast. Mom urged me to have my
breakfast but i declined and rushed into my
car. “Nancy is this your 7:00am?” Mr.larry shouted immediately he sighted me. He was
outside already with my crew. I quickly
apologised to my boss and the crew, after
which we left in an official bus. ”The
president won’t be coming, his son is
representing him, you are to write an official
report on the event”
Mr.larry briefed me on
our way. We got to the venue of the event
lately.The program was scheduled for
10:00am Different broadcasting agents
were scattered everywhere, waiting for the
event to unfold. Shortly after, sound of siren
filled the air and the arrival of big cars
followed.Force men filled everywhere as
they ushered the president son, Governors,
commissioners and other important
politicians in.All this while i was bussy
writing report. The national anthem was
presented by the police band, after which
the president son was invited to give an
opening speech.I did not bother to look at
him at first but his voice sounded familiar.I
raised my head in a bid to see the president
son and i got the shock of my life. How can i
ever forget him? How can i ever forget those
beautiful dimples? How can i ever forget a
lost buddy? I could not believe my eyes. I
was in a state of shock and i had to cover
my mouth with my hand in order not no
scream out his name.As fate will have it, he
looked at me and stopped his speech half
way.He smiled at me and i felt my heart

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