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IN The DARK (A Story Of Love, Betrayal And Survival)  - Season 1 - Episode 50
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“No! No!!, this must be a
I murmured, my body
became weak and my leg
could not carry me any
longer. “Nancy, are you
okay What’s a dream?”
was dtobs voice bringing me
back to reality. Not until he
stretched out his hand,
giving me back my report did
i realise that the report book
had fell off my hand. I quickly
composed myself and
collected the report from
dtobs. He asked if i was ok
again, i replied yes and told
him i need fresh air. I could
feel his eyes on me as i
walked out of the event
venue, escaping to the car.
On my way to the car, i came
in contact with Mr.larry, he
questioned me on where o
was heading and i told him i
was weak and dizzy, he then
collected the report from my
hand and told me to rest in
the bus.

I could not take my mind off
who i saw as i relaxed in the
official bus.All my thoughts
revolved around him. If he
was really who i saw, then it
must be a miracle. The
feeling of inferiority creeped
in at a point and i thought he
would’nt want anything to do
with me. Instead of getting
mad at him, i believed he
would have a story to tell
because everybody sure
has a story to tell over the
years. Its been five good

Jordan’s call interupted my
thought, i accepted the call
and we talked for a while.

Jordan was all loving and
caring, he asked if i had
eaten or if he could take me
out for lunch, but i declined
telling him i was bussy with
work. I almost made a slip
telling Jordan who i saw and

the position he held but i
controlled myself and kept
everything to myself.

Less than an hour later, the
event came to an end and all
the important personal that
were in attendance filed out
to their respective car. I
wished he would come for me
and hold me close to himself,
i wished he would single me
out of the crowd, i wished he
would take of to a quiet
place and narrate to meall
that happened but he never
did. With heavy security, i
watched him pass me by and
left in his car. All in all
something so strong in me
made me believe he would
come back for me again,
someday. The day ended on
a boring note, i could not
perform well at work and i
carried a heavy heart home,
with so much worries.
Two weeks later, i was yet
to hear from him. I was at the
verge of giving up but i
consoled myself with the fact
that he might be bussy.

Its been a beautiful
relationship with Jordan all
the way, we would hang out
and have fun together but
we never had S£x after he
deflowered me. Jordan was
always romantic and
protective of me, i loved him
and he loved me as well.
I was at work on a friday
afternoon when i received a
call from Jordan. “Hi babe”
he said. “Hi honey” I replied.

“I want to take you out for
dinner tonight. I wanna make
you a queen and feel special.

Don’t say no,cos am not
gonna take a no from you
baby. I will come pick you up
by 6:00pm.”
Jordan said. Ichuckled and said
no to his request. He jokingly told me
to get ready to be kidnapped
and ended the call. I could
not help but smile at my
phone, thanking God for

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