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'Jemeji' Season 1 Episode 156 Recap - Aired: Monday 09 October 2017
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'Jemeji' Season 1 Episode 156 Recap - Aired: Monday 09 October 2017

Sesinu and Seami follow Seyive into the clinic.
Seyive apologises for leaving abruptly.
Senami asks if she went home.
Seyive says she did.

Senami asks for Akweyon.
Seyive says she has no idea where she is.
Sesinu knows she's lying and tells her to be straight with her answers.
She asks where and Akweyon have been hiding with Neza.

Seyive says she doesn't know about anyone else.
Sesinu asks where she's been hiding.
Seyive blurts out Wesere then covers her mouth with her hand as she realises she has given away the location.

Matron comes in and she's surprised to see Seyive.
She tells Senami that she needs to have a word with her in private.
Obi, Oviyon and elder Johnde return to the place.

They see Nowheyon and Obi asks where her mother is.
Nowheyon says she might be sleeping.
Obi asks how she can sleep at a time like this.
Johnde tells him to take it easy
Obi says for all he knows Johnde might have connived with them to kidnap his girlfriend.
Sonayan comes out.

Obi says she can sleep at a time like this.
Nowheyon asks if he wants them to call the police.
Obi points at Nowheyon and Sonayan and he says if anything happens to his girlfriend, they will all go to jail.
Sonayan gives him a hot slap on the cheek.
Oviyon and Johnde get in their midst to diffuse the tension.

Saul calls Kingsley from the bush to tell him he has been watching Sesinu and Senami and he saw Seyive return and she has been talking to the sisters.

Kingsley tells him to bring Seyive to him without the sisters knowing.
Matron is with Senami.
Senami asks herself what sort of friend she is not to have known her friend Folake was

Matron tells her to take it easy and let them focus on the missing Folake; not how Seyive feels.
Senami says she has to finish so she can go and meet with the search party.
Matron opens her bag and brings out the things she took from Iya Minasu's hut.

She asks if Senami is sure she wants be the custodian.
Senami asks if she knows how her grandfather died.
Matron says he died of old age and he came back after the war.

Senami is surprised to learn he came back after the war.
She picks up an envelope matron dropped on the table.
Matron takes it back.
Senami asks who Megomu is.
Matron asks where she heard the name.
Senami asks if the envelope is a medical report from the hospital in Lagos.

Matron gives back her things and says they are the things Senami accused her of stealing.
Senami says she didn't mean it that way.
Matron tells her to be careful with them.
Daddy Love is at Iya's house.

He tells her that his late wife was a good cook and taught him how to cook.
Iya says her husband was a good dancer.
Daddy Love asks her if she remembers how the men used to wrestle in the village in those days.
Iya says she can't forget and it was one of the reasons she fell for her husband.

One of the Palace attendants rushes in and he tells Daddy Love that he has gone to his house to look for him but couldn't find him and he's needed urgently at the Palace.
Daddy Love tells Iya that he would see her later.
He follows the attendant out.

Iya asks herself who could have told the attendant that Daddy Love was at her place;it's now her matter the villagers are discussing.
Matron comes to the shrine to see Mausi.
She calls her 'Mausi' and avoids looking at her in the eye.

Mausi says for Matron to call her Mausi, it can't be good.
She asks why Matron looks so glum and says she's used to giving people bad news so she's ready to receive hers now.
Matron brings our the test result and hands it to Mausi but Mausi doesn't take it.
She asks Matron to say what it is.
Matron says the result shows Mausi has endometrial cancer.

Oviyon, the attendants and the boys are in the forest looking for Folake..
Oviyon splits them into groups.
Zosu and Totai are in one group.
Zosu apologises to Totai for leaving him at the shrine the other day.
Totai says it's a forgotten issue as he and Zosu have come a long way and he also believes the gods wanted it that way so he has returned to fulfill their purpose.

They hug it out and continue their search.
Sewedo and Folake are still in the forest.
Folake is sitting on the ground with her hands tied and her mouth gagged with a cloth.
Sewedo shows her a knife and spoon and laughs at her reaction.
He stands up and says he wants to make a fire.
Folake sees a log of wood and hides it behind her back.

Sewedo returns and makes the fire.
She thanks him when he takes off the gag on her mouth.
He tells her he heard what she and Marilyn discussed so it means Folake paid her to set him up.
Folake asks what he wants, since he knows.
Sewedo says just the truth.

She asks if he will let her go after that.
He picks up his knife and she begs him not to.
He starts acting crazy.
He says she hurt him and cheated him of what's his.
Folake is crying and pleading.
Sewedo kneels astride her.
Folake picks up the log and hits him with it then she tries to run off but he grabs her and throws her back on the ground.

Folake is screaming at the top of her lungs..
Sewedo picks up his knife.
He asks why she didn't just mind her business.
The new Akweyon appears.
Folake stands up and runs away.
Sewedo tells the Akweyon to leave as she has no business there.

She grabs the top of his face and he screams.
Oviyon and the entire group reconvene.
Oviyon says they may have to search the other villages.
Folake runs up to them and collapses.
They rush her to the clinic.
Neza calls Seyive on the phone to ask where she is.

Seyive is in the bush.
She tells him she's in Aji.
He is shocked.
He tells her she could have found a job in Wesere and she could have gone back to school and studied to become a doctor.
He asks if she wants to be a cleaner for the rest of her life.

She asks what's wrong with that.
He asks what happens to Akweyon.
She says Akweyon will be alright.
Saul comes from behind her and takes her phone.
He tells her Kingsley is looking for her.
The new Akweyon returns to the shrine at night.
Mausi is working on her laptop.

She calls the new Akweyon by her name, Dethin and asks what she has done.
Dethin shows Mausi the calabash in her hand and it contains an eyeball.
Mausi actually shudders when she sees it.

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