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'Jemeji' Season 1 Episode 157 Recap - Aired: Tuesday 10 October 2017
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'Jemeji' Season 1 Episode 157 Recap - Aired: Tuesday 10 October 2017

Mausi asks Dethin if Sewedo is dead.
Dethin doesn't respond.
Mausi asks why she did what she wasn't asked to do and why she didn't just bring him to the shrine.

Dethin maintains her stoic expression.
At the palace, Johnde tells Sonayan that she hasn't refuted anything Miyise has said.
Obi says they should bundle the mad woman and take her to the shrine.
Nowheyon tells him to watch how he talks about her mother.

He tries to talk but Sonayan tells him he's the mad one and Johnde must also be mad if he expects her to just abandon her son and let them kill him.
Obi says so she could allow Mausi kill him but not her son.
Sonayan says Obi's not her problem.
Nowheyon cautions her mother.
Sonayan asks if she should feel guilty for trying to take care of her son.

Obi says the son is a mad man and a killer.
Nowheyon says he just needs help.
Obi asks how much help they've given him as he's running around killing people.
Nowheyon says when they find him they will take him away.
Obi says if Sewedo has touched a hair on Folake's body he will kill him with his own bare hands.

Sonayan says she's taking her son out of the village and she doesn't care what anyone says.
An attendant rushes in to inform Miyise that they've found Folake and Oviyon is taking her to the clinic.
Obi rushes out.
Sonayan wants to follow but Nowheyon stops her and tells her not to make things worse.
Seyive is in Kingsley's house.

Kingsley asks her what she's doing in Aji.

She tells him that she came to work at the clinic.
He asks about Akweyon.
Seyive stutters and he tells her to speak.
She says she left Akweyon at Wesere.
Kingsley asks what Sesinu was asking her.
Seyive says she was asking for Neza.
He asks what he told her.

She says Neza didn't tell her anything.
Kingsley asks what Neza told her about him.
Seyive says he didn't tell her anything.
He tells her to come closer.
She leans close.
He sees she's frightened so he tells her to calm down.
In a warning tone, he tells her that if anyone asks her about him, she should say she knows nothing and the day she says anything to anyone, he would take her sister back to Mausi.
Senami is at work.

The embalmed hand is on her table.
She hears some noise and hides it in her drawer.
She comes out to see Oviyon and his boys with Folake.
Folake is lying on a hospital bed as Senami fusses over her.
Folake says she's fine and just needs pain killers.
Obi rushes in.
He hugs Folake and says he should have protected her.
She tells him it's not his fault.

He blames Oviyon and tells him that if anything had happened to Folake he would have plucked out his eyes.
Oviyon walks out of the room.
Senami follows him and asks what he did.
Oviyon says he helped Sewedo get out of Aji.
Senami asks why he would do such a thing and endanger lives, including his own

He says he was only trying to help.
She asks if he did that just to impress his new girlfriend.
He asks if it's a problem he's helping someone that's not her.
She asks what it has to do with her.
He says it's his fault he helped her grandmother when nobody wanted to and helped to dig her grave.
Senami backtracks.

Oviyon says it's what friends do and he was only trying to save Sewedo's life as they don't know what Mausi will do.
Folake tells Obi that Sewedo had it out for her because of Marilyn.
He asks who Marilyn is and why Folake had to pay her.
She tells him about the setup.
Obi is shocked.
He says what she did was too dangerous.
She laughs and says what happened was the most exciting thing that has happened to her.
Obi looks at her like she has gone crazy.
Next morning, Sesinu calls Seyive on the phone and tells her that she and Akweyon will be in a lot of trouble by the time she's done with them.
She asks where Akweyon is

Seyive says she doesn't know.
Sesinu says Neza and Akweyon have been accused of murder and Seyive is saying she doesn't know where she is.
Seyive says her sister didn't do anything.
Sesinu says by aiding and abetting a criminal she's guilty as well and can be linked up for life.
Seyive panics.
Sesinu asks where she can find Neza.
She says she and Senami know Kingsley did it but for as long as Neza and Akweyon are fugitives, they will be suspects.

Seyive is torn.
Sesinu says she's in Wesere and ready to search every hour with the police.
Seyive begs her not to involve the police.
She gives her directions to the house.
Zosu and his boys are in the bush searching for Sewedo.
Oviyon calls to ask for an update.
They find Sewedo on the ground, m0an!ng.
The boys carry him up and they see his shirt is covered in blood and one of his eyes has been plucked out.

Sesinu gets to the house and knocks on the door.
Neza comes to the door.
She tells him she has been looking for him for a long time.
Senami is at work.
She takes out the stone which belonged to her grandfather and examines it then she calls her friend in the States to tell her she wants her to help look at a video to know what sort of special effects was used to make it.
Neza asks Sesinu what she wants.
Sesinu says she wants to know what really
happened to her grandmother.

Neza says he doesn't know what's she's talking about.
Sesinu says she and Senami know Kingsley did it but they need Neza's help to put Kingsley behind bars.
He asks if she can guarantee his and Akweyon's freedom.
Sesinu says she can protect them all.
Sesinu is on her way back to Aji.
A car drives past her and stops.
Saul gets out and covers Sesinu's nose with a handkerchief.

She faints and he puts her in the backseat of the car.

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