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'Jemeji' Season 1 Episode 158 Recap - Aired: Wednesday 11 October 2017
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'Jemeji' Season 1 Episode 158 Recap - Aired: Wednesday 11 October 2017

At the shrine, Mausi is telling Dethin a story.
She says everything was fine till a king married a new wife and the old king fell ill.

The step-daughter said she saw the wife poisoning the king's food and her step-mother was brought for questioning.
Mausi asks what Dethin would have done in such a situation; kill the stepmother?
Dethin nods.

Mausi chuckles and says it was discovered that the king was indeed poisoned but by his daughter and not his wife.
She says not everything is at it seems and not every action is right to take; Dethin has been chosen but she still has a lot to learn.
She says concerning Sewedo, judgement has not been passed on him yet which is not to say Dethin did wrong but she was too hasty.

She says she will not always be around and when she goes, the awaited will come but before then, Dethin will decide for herself.
She orders her to bring Sewedo so he can answer for his sins.
Saul takes off the blindfold from Sesinu's eyes.
Sesinu looks around and sees she's in her grandmother's hut.

Saul tells her that he has questions.
She recognises him and tells him he will be in grave danger.
He threatens her with a knife and tells her to unlock her phone
She unlocks it and he listens to the recordings of her conversation with Kingsley.
He puts the blindfold back on.

At the clinic, Folake tells everyone what happened to her.
The elders are present.
Johnde says it's not as if they don't believe her but she's making strong allegations.

Sonayan rushes in asking for her son.
Seyive runs in to tell them that they've brought Sewedo.

They all rush outside to see the boys with Sewedo.
Sewedo accuses Folake of putting him in his situation.
Sonayan cries and accuses Folake of being a witch.
Folake says she didn't do anything to Sewedo; she left him with the Akweyon and he had two eyes when she left him.

Totai sneaks away in the middle of the chaos.
Sewedo is taken into the clinic.
Totai stands in the middle of the road, holding a machete.
Dr. Jide whos is driving, is forced to stop and get out of his car.
He asks Totai if he wants to commit another robbery.

Totai brandishes the machete in front of him and tells him that everyone has the time when their guilt catches up with them.
Dr. Jide says he doesn't have time for nonsense.
Totai grabs him by the lapel of his blazer and tells him that they want to see him.

Dr. Jide asks who he's talking about.
Totai drags and takes him away.
Senami enters her office to receive a phone call from her friend in the States.
The friend says she looked at the footage and couldn't detect what was used for the effects and if she didn't know any better, she would say it was real.

She tells Senami not to forget her when she's
winning her Oscar as she didn't even know she was now an actress.
Senami is confused.
Nowheyon and Oviyon sit outside the clinic.
Oviyon says he's sorry he let Sewedo escape.
He holds her as she cries.
Senami comes out and sees them.

She runs back inside before they see her.
Neza and Akweyon are playing games with their hands.
Neza receives a phone call from Kingsley.
He stutters and says he doesn't know how she (Sesinu) got there.

Kingsley asks what he's babbling about.
He asks how Seyive got having to Aji.
Neza is relieved that he doesn't know about Sesinu's visit.
He says he's in Wesere and couldn't hold Seyive down.
Kingsley says their deal is off and Neza is on his own but he shouldn't forget he has a debt to pay.

Neza tries to play it cool but Akweyon senses something is wrong.
Nowheyon tells Oviyon that she hates Aji as it makes people mad like her brother and makes them bitter like her mum.
He holds her.
Dethin appears with her Calabash.
Oviyon and Nowheyon jump up from the bench.
Nowheyon warns her to stay away from her brother.

Dethin ignores her and goes into the clinic.
Totai takes Dr. Jide to Mausi who isMausi is waiting in the forest.
Totai throws Dr. Jide down and he falls on his knees.
Totai ties his hands.
Dr. Jide says tells Mausi that he can explain.
He starts with lies.

There is a clay pot filed with water on the ground.
Totai dips Dr. Jide's head in it twice and Dr. Jide confesses he was paid to do what he did.
Mausi asks if he knows what he is.
She gives him a hot slap and calls him a maggot and asks if he knows what happens when a maggot decides to cross the path of an elephant.
He shakes his head.

She asks if he thinks she doesn't know when he brought Miyise back from the dead or when he stole Sewedo from the shrine?
Dr. Jide starts crying.
Mausi makes him drink from her calabash and she empties the rest of the content on his head.
She tells him it's not his time to go but the time will come and it won't be at her hands but when that time comes, he should remember why.

Totai unties his hands.
Dr.Jide runs off.
Sewedo's eye is bandaged and he's asleep on a hospital bed.
His blood-soaked shirt is gone and he's wearing one of Seyive's cleaning uniform.
Sonayan asks Senami how he's doing.

Senami says he will be fine.
Obi, Folake, Seyive and Matron are watching.
Dethin comes in.
Nowheyon and Oviyon follow.
Sonayan begs her to leave her son.
Obi tells Dethin that Sewedo is on some medication and won't be able to go with her so he will follow her instead.
He leaves with her.

Sonayan is surprised.
Mausi asks Dethin why she brought the wrong person.
Obi says he offered to come instead and he came to plead on Sewedo's behalf.
Mausi says the people of Aji are not criminals and the gods do not take kindly to killing another man.
Obi says there has to be another way.
Mausi says there isn't.

Obi says even with what he (Obi) did, he was forgiven.
Mausi says the gods forgive but at a price.
Obi asks what the price is.
Mausi says Sewedo has to leave Aji and never return and the land must be cleansed but only the Chief can carry out the cleansing ceremony and Aji has no Chief.

Obi says he hasn't made up his mind about that yet.
Mausi says there is only one person who can stand before the gods and bargain for the life of a criminal and that person is Otogan.
She asks if he is Otogan.
Obi hesitates then says 'I am Otogan.'

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