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'Jemeji' Season 1 Episode 159 Recap - Aired: Thursday 12 October 2017
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'Jemeji' Season 1 Episode 159 Recap - Aired: Thursday 12 October 2017

Senami is at work.
She calls Kingsley on the phone to tell that him she wants to talk to the people in the video who passed out.

Kingsley says they are dead.
Senami says they both know she doesn't believe him and she wants to know what happened.
Kingsley insists they are dead.

Senami says he told her what he wanted so she could keep quiet and she can continue to do so if he gives her what she wants.
He says her threat is impressive but he can't help her.

She says so they died and he moved on?
He says it wasn't important enough for him to mourn about.
She tells him to prove they died.
He tells her to come to his house and he will take her to their graves.

Folake enters the lodge and just as she sits on the chair, Peace comes to see her.
Peace hugs her and says she was worried.
She says she hopes tSewedo didn't cause her any injuries.

Folake asks how anyone can harm someone like her.
She asks how Jonah is.
Peace tells her to forget that issue.
She asks if Folake wasn't scared.
Folake says she wasn't and she was the one who tortured Sewedo.

Obi returns to the clinic.
Nowheyon asks what Mausi said.
Obi says Sewedo needs to leave Aji today and never return; that's the only way he won't die.
Peace is on her way home.

She sees Dethin and tells her to get out of her way.
Dethin gives her a little calabash and gestures to let her know it will help her take off the designs on her body.
Peace collects it.

Dethin takes a little of the option and rubs on Peace's neck.

Senami comes to Kingsley's house.
He tells her to make herself at home.
She tells him he's wasting her time.
He says the heart wants what it wants still.
She turns to leave.

He follows.
Kingsley and Senami are walking through the bush.
He asks her how she's been and if she has spoken to her sister lately.
She asks if he's playing mind games.

He tells her they have arrived.
She looks down and sees some new graves.
He says he's been wondering what triggered her action that day.
Senami is fighting back her tears as she looks at the graves.

She starts hitting him.
He tells her to calm down as they don't know what can trigger her powers.
Jonah comes to the lodge to see Folake.
He says he had to come back to Aji when he heard what happened to Folake.

She tells him she's fine.
She asks about Peace
Jonah says he came to see Folake because he wants to do a surprise proposal.
Folake says he's the man.

Jonah says he wants Folake to help him get Peace's ring size and to help with the entire planning.
Folake says they will make it grand.
Obi is having a meeting with the elders at the palace.

He tells them that he would like to know about the Royal family in Aji.
Fonton asks what he wants to know.
Obi says what if everyone in the Adomeh family dies, what family with the chieftaincy go to?
They tell him it's the Oyinbo family.

Fonton says it's his family.
Obi says considering what has happened with the Adomeh family, he thinks they are not fit to rule Aji and Fonton should prepare to be the new Otogan because he (Obi) has made up his mind to leave Aji.

He stands up and walks out.
Fonton says it's an abomination.
Daddy Love says they need to bring Obi back as he doesn't know what he has done.
Johnde says Obi has already made up his mind.
Fonton says they can't let it happen.

Johnde suggests they go and tells Mausi.
Folake receives a call from Obi.
He says he checked her at the clinic but was told she had been discharged.
She tells him she's at the lodge.

He says he's coming over as they need to talk.
She agrees that they need to talk.
Nowheyon comes to look for Oviyon at home.
She meets his mother who is cold towards her.
Nowheyon says she just came to see Oviyon.
Iya rudely asks why.

Oviyon comes outside and Iya goes inside the house.
Nowheyon tells him what Mausi said concerning Sewedo.
She tells him that they are leaving and she wants him to know how much what he has done for her, means to her. He says it's okay.
She holds his hand and tells him he's the kindest person she has met in her life and she had hoped they could have been something but in the end, Aji got in the way and she has a way of getting into people's happiness.

As she turns to leave, he holds her hand and leans in for a kiss.
Iya's jaw drops as she peeps from behind the curtain.
The kiss lingers then Oviyon pulls back.
Nowheyon says she thought he wanted them to be friends.

He says he wanted to have something Aji didn't get in the way of and the kiss was goodbye.
She say it's goodbye then.
He offers to walk her.
Jonah gives his father a bottle of local gin.
Fonton praises him and asks what the occasion is.

Jonah says he wants to ask Peace to marry him.
Fonton asks if he still wants to marry her.
Jonah says yes and he won't change his mind.
Fonton says Peace is not his first choice but since she's the person Jonah wants then he has no choice.

Obi is at the lodge.
Folake asks why he wants to let Sewedo leave after all he did to her and Glory.
She hits him and asks if this is how he wants to do his Chief thing.
Obi says he's sorry he didn't stand up for her in the clinic and he doubted her and he's sorry he put her in harm's way and he is sorry he lied to her and hurt her over and over again and he's sorry he led her on and he's not the guy she needed, he's sorry he made her steal for him and he's sorry he has changed her into this person who thinks it's normal to kill a person.

Folake is crying.
Obi says he wishes he could return her innocence to her.
He says he's leaving Aji, alone.
She says he can't mean what he's saying.
He says she will get half of the 20 million which is the least he can do.

Folake asks if he thinks she's with him for his money.
He says she might not need the money now but she will eventually.
She warns that if he steps out of the door he shouldn't come back to apologise as she would never forgive him.

He says it's good and she shouldn't ever forgive him.
He walks out.
She sits down, looking hurt and confused.

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