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Letter To My Girlfriend - Season 1 - Episode 17
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After Joyce ignored Nath’s calls, for the very first time, Nath remembered her mum for an advice over relationship issues. He quickly dialed her number and Mrs Mary, his mother picked instantly.

“Nna m” she called happily.

“Good evening, mother”

“Evening my son. I miss you”

“I miss you too, mother”

“You sound dizzy, what’s the problem?”

“Nothing really but…”
Nath paused while his mother listened carefully. “Mother, i want to tell you something”
“Go ahead, Nna m”

“Is it possible for two people to fall inlove with a person?”

The question reminded Mrs Mary her past, she broken down emotionally and spoke up gently. “Nna m, it is 100% possible for two people to fall inlove with one person. But that cannot determine a successful marriage or relationship if the person in question doesn’t reciprocate the love. What I’m saying is that, if you don’t love any of these persons, the love won’t be complete. Until there is a reciprocal of love from both partners, the relationship may not be successful. So follow the one you love and the one that loves you”
“Thank you, mother”
Nath smiled.

“You are welcome, son. Remember to visit me soon”

“I will, bye”

the line went off.

Nath was a bit relieved but Joyce’s sincerity and humility rendered him speechless.

As Mento, Brano and Emma were planning to deal with Nath or totally remove him from the face of the earth, so as Joyce prepared to see Cynthia, even if she doesn’t know where she lives.

Nath, on the other hand knocked at Agatha’s big black gate and a gateman open.

“Who you dey look for?”

“Uhm.. I won see Agatha”

“Madam Agatha?”


Just then, Mr Randy and Agatha came out semutanuoisly.

“Madam, one man dey look for you” The gateman approached.

“A man?”


“Let him in”

Nath came in with his tools. If not thet, nobody would have known that he was a mechanic. He wore a red T-shirt and a plain jean trouser with a red face cap to match it. Mr Randy looked at him strange trying to recall who bears Nath’s face that he had an encounter with somewhere in the past.

“Good morning, sir” Nath greeted while Agatha smiled at him.

“Is he the mechanic?” Mr Randy turned to his daughter.

“Yes daddy, supper mechanic”
Mr Randy took a look at Nath once again. “Who does this boy resemble?” he lost in thought.

“Daddy?” Agatha brought back his mind and attention.

“Yes, young man, these are the two cars. My daughter will tell you their fault because I’m late for work, okay?”

“Okay sir”
Nath replied.

Mr Randy drove out while Nath looked at Agatha who seems to be smiling looking at him too…
Joyce drove gently at Monnak, on the street stretching her head and hoping to see Cynthia. She made up her mind to meet her that day even if it will take begging Nath to send her number to her. But at the end of time, she didn’t see her. So she drove straight to Miracle’s house.

“O-girl, you aren’t looking happy” Miracle came out with a drink on a try and placed it beside her in the sittingroom. She sat down too. “Have you seen your prince charming?” she added with a smile, yet Joyce remained quiet.

“Do you know where the girl called Cynthia lives?” Joyce asked.
“Who is Cynthia?”

“The girl you told me you saw with Nath the other day”

“Oh! I don’t know”
Miracle listened for clarification but Joyce never say a word as she took her drink.

“I have discovered that Nath loves her” Joyce broke the silence.

“Hmm.. and what do you want to tell her?”

“I just want to see her and i must do that before i go”
Joyce concluded.
Agatha wore a mini jean skirt and a showback handless top. Nath could see how her b0s0m pumped the black top straight standing erect and her thighs looking both seductive and attractive.

Agatha stretched her hand then Nath gently shook it with a smile. Agatha showed and told him the problem of the cars then ordered a chair which she sat with her legs crossed watching and admiring Nath do his job. Without even minding, Nath got changed before starting the job.

“What a muscular body structure?”

Agatha had thought when Nath was changing up…
on the other hand, as Mr Randy drove to his office still trying to get Nath’s resemblance, so as Mrs Mary was in the village lost in thought too. The question Nath asked her was still ringing in her mind reminding her of her past.

“How i wish he was here to see his son planning to have a woman in his life”
Mrs Mary was thinking. “I believe one day i will find you. I will never forget your LETTER. I still love you, Randy” she concluded trying so hard to withhold her tears.

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