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Letter To My Girlfriend - Season 1 - Episode 70
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Naaath!!” Joyce shouted in her hands.

At that same time, Agatha had sat up touching Nath to see if he was still alive. “Oh my God, Nath!” she shouted while Nath groaned.

Brano stood up then ran to Emma.
Seeing that Nath was still alive, Emma pulled his trigger and Agatha was the target instead of Nath.

Brano shouted. So Agatha looked at the direction where the sound of the gun came from in slow motion and to see Brano lying on the floor. He defended her by taking the bullet.

Seeing all these, Emma and Mento ran back to their car but the police arrived at the moment.
“Leave me alone!” Cynthia forcefully disengaged herself from Kenzy and ran to Nath. Likewise Joyce from Miracle.

“Nath, please, stay with”
Cynthia cried touching his cheek.

“Nath!” Joyce called shaking his shirt. When she saw blood, she ran to her father…
Several policemen came down from their vehicle with heavy guns. Two men shot a bullet in the air then Emma and Mento raised their hands up.

Mento exclaimed.
“Cheeii!” Emma added.

“Officer, take them away!” Mr Williams shouted.

“Hey, move it!!” a policeman kicked Emma on the butt0ckz while others ran to Brano to see if he was still alive.

Kenzy stayed closed to his uncle, Mr Josh watching everything in silence.
“Daddy, please, please, the ambulance!” Joyce told her father dragging his cloth. “Daddy, call the ambulance!” she shouted before the father gave her attention.

“Let’s take them to the hospital with my car” the father replied.

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