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Added: Aug 13, 2017
Poster: Guruboi

Lies Of The Heart - Season 1 - Episode 22
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She sees samrat’s call, and ignores it. he keeps trying frantically, so that he picks up once.
He throws away the phoen in anger, boiling in rage. He goes on to shout at everyone in the family, asking everyone to come and collect downstairs right now. all are tensed, while he is highly rude and impatient. his father tries to ask, but he responds back curtly. ishaan comes and asks what happened, so late in the night. He asks him to sit down. They all assemble and ask whats the matter. Samrat tells everyone about urmi’s call, downsizing her and asking them the reason for this kind of behaviour from her part. samrat’s mother is shocked at this, while ishaan is distraught. he wonders how this happened, and maybe this is a
misunderstanding, as she cant do it. samrat asks them the reason.

His father is baffled too. His mother tries to say that maybe this is her revenge after he rejected her once. Rashimi’s parents say that urmi isnt that type of girl. Ishaan clarifies that urmi didnt even know that samrat had refused. Ishaan asks samrat to atleast clarify. he tries to dial her number, but samrat forcibly stops him. Relatives ask samrat why did urmi refuse and why didnt he clarify it with her. samrat says that this isnt possible, as she wont get another guy like him, as he’s like a lottery ticket for her, and she wont let him go, and hence wants to know the helpless reason for which she did this. His father asks whats the reason. samratv asks whats happened in this house, that led to this, and asks who poisoned urmi’s mind, that led to this.

Samrat’s mother tries to cover up saying that nothing like that happened, and he is trusting urmi more than he should. His father asks shashi, his mother if she had a talk. she denies. ishaan tells about their [email protected] time in the morning.

His father gets an idea. His father asks his mother where had she gone after the Havan.
She is tensed, while samrat insistently asks her where had she gone. she says that she had gone to urmi’s place, and hesitatingly tries to sugar coat her entire thing, and what she asked for.
Samrat asks insistently what did she ask for. she hesitatingly says what she demanded, and tyhat all were happy and agreeing to it.

They are all shocked. and that this wasnt a sufficient reason to refuse marriage for them. Her husband reprimands her for doing something like this, without even thinking about their financial condition, and the burden she brought upon them. she listens silently.

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