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Life At Kakaori - Season 1 - Episode 13
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I was getting tired now yet sparrow showed no sign of fatigue , my only linen still stayed firmly in his mouth…we pushed on for a while during which i lagged behind.

I needed water now , i couldnt cope anymore and i stopped dead in my track.

The nice dog didnt argue nor insist, he just strode to my side to lick me.

We found ourselves a good fine spot under a tree and i took a quick nap while sparrow stood watch with his ears standing straight even tho i called him over but he refused.

I was cuddling away when i began to hear sparrow growling at something . I quickly carried myself up to see him watching as if something was coming.

I didnt know what to do, i was really scared.
Suddenly, i heard the bush shaking as if something was caught in it followed by the rustling sound of leaves, surely someone else was here with us and immediately i remembered Steve!

How could i be so stupid to have forgotten someone who risked his life to save mine, how could i?

But the rustling sound couldn’t be steve, sparrow had begun to bark now… I concluded that we leave the area and continue the flight rather than getting scared over a shaking bush.

I signalled to sparrow and we were about leaving when a black guy jumped out of the shaking bush with a wicked smile in his mouth and a knife in his hand.

Sparrow quickly jumped between us when the black guy started to walk towards me.

Sparrow’s hair ached up hard and he gave me one last look i couldn’t explain- “steve where are you” i cried in my head.

Sparrow rushed at him with great speed that the he jumped straight at the guy’s face but the man crouched quickly so the dog passed over his head..sparrow had changed , he growled and snarled like a wounded dragon…
He started to stride towards the guy backing him up a tree till he couldn’t move backwards again.

Sparrow launched again this time more deadly..the guy was quick enough to shove a big stick into sparrow’s mouth which he bit off in no time but the guy had crawled away this time.

I just hid behind a tree all the while praying steve would arrive soon.

This time, the guy made his move , he knew he couldnt get to attack the dog succsessfully so he decided to make a sacrificial peace… He tore of his shirt into two and wrapped each pieces on both of his arm.

He gripped his knife hard and dashed at the dog in careful but fast pace, sparrow took momentum too and rushed at him…

The guy had his plan too but the dog was quiet prepared too – the speed at which they rushed at eachother was great that when they almost faced eachother the guy had thought that the dog would fly straight at him now so he quickly swerved his arm to his face to recieve the bite while he striked with his free arm but he was wrong..- he dabbed his arm to his face but the dog just went right between his legs. In a quick reflex, sparrow turned and got hold of his ankle with his stong jaw and yanked him off his feet graciously
And with a final snarl, he ripped off his ankle vein.

The guy teared the forest with his scream of terror , the dog didnt let go tho but the guy wasnt going to die so easily- he swooped his hand with all his might and stabbed the dog in the ribs.

Sparrow flew up in pain, yet he caught the hand almost immediately it stabbed him, he bit so hard that it came off from the wrist after which he fell down too bleeding…


I flew out of my hiding place as i ran quickly to sparrow who didnt move but he was breathing with his eyes closed , soon steve arrived – i hugged him so tight no doubt, i was happy.

His eyes moved to the bodies lying almost dead or dead on the ground and he fell beside his dog holding him in his hand as he called him repeatedly.


In no time, mrs grate and other mates had arrived…

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