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Life At Kakaori - Season 1 - Episode 14
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I’ve never felt so empty in my life before , even tho i was consoled yet i refused to be consoled- my dog was dying or perhaps dead.
We were back at the mountain. The police hustled around picking up every object they could, i told them everything already – they couldn’t find Dan but the other guys were found still unconscious.

Mrs grate had called my mom earlier that i had gone missing ( when i went off looking for anna)

So my mom had drove in with my Dog who went straight to my tent to sniff and trace my scent.

Thankfully he traced my scent down to the koran arena and he chewed his way in through the air vent just in time to save my life
A medical team from the K9 team was called and when they arrived, they busied themselves over my dog..


Later at night…i was alone sitting on the cliff of the mountain watching the village from above when i felt a hand on my shoulder i turned to look and it was anna…

i replied trying to put up a smile
“thank you for everything”. Wow..her words seemed like an entirely different something but my dog’s face crept in again and i went pale.

“about sparrow i’m…”

“No, its not your fault , he was just being protective”
i quickly cut her short to stop her from hurting me more.

“i can’t believe all of this happened, you know it still looks like a dream to me ” i said this to lighten the mood.

“yeah, me too. Its over now”

“yes it is”

I slid a hand to her side to pull her close for a kiss , she faced me and touched her lips to mine.

I brought my hand up to her face careesing it. We kissed for about an hour before i let go but whoa, she was asleep already.


Early the next morning, we began to pack – we were returning to greenwitch town. Well sparrow survived the night and he was to be operated immediately we returned back to greenwitch.

I looked into the empty sky wondering how the kakori festival had turned out to becoming an action field, funny, i looked around for anything else before i hopped into the car.

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