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Added: Aug 13, 2017
Poster: Guruboi

Life Of Ami - Season 1 - Episode 44
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Sanjay happily goes home and is singing a song, he also dances with Shani and then tells him to get a green tea for him. Sanjay is thinking about the time he and Shruti spent together and he goes in the balcony and then Prabha comes in his room searching for him and hears the message tone and wonders who is it messaging him so late and she sees its Shruti and gets angry.

Prabha speaks ill about Shruti that she has trapped Sanjay in her trap and he is getting trapped and naming the relation love. She then says that she will now do what she should have done before. Her husband asks what will she do but she says that she will turn the tables now. Next morning, Sanjay is clicking pictures of Parul and her daughter. Then Suyash comes and wishes Sanjay happy Diwali and Prabha and her husband come and everyone wishes each other happy Diwali.

Sanjay goes to wish Prabha but she makes a face and then to lighten up the mood Parul’s daughter asks for her Diwali money. While they are all giving her the money, Riddhi comes and says that even she is there for the gifts. She wishes everyone and then Bhavna’s parents come there. Prabha says that she has called them to talk about the engagement and marriage. Sanjay is very angry and after they go, he asks his mother that why is she creating a scene. They both have an argument and Sanjay then reveals that he will only marry Shruti and no one else. Everyone gets shocked to hear this.

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