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Added: Nov 11, 2017
Poster: ib4real

love in the dark - Season 1 - Episode 20
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I met a man at the store. He acted like he’d known me for long. He looks like someone i know even. He has a light brown skin and a curly black hair. He has beautiful brown eyes but a terrible scar ran from his eye lid to his cheek bones. Nevertheless, he appeared cute.
He gushes as he spoke to me. I was mesmerized by his fanstastic spoken english.
The glint on his beautiful face burned into me. I’d began to develop a strange feeling about him. We’ve been here before. This is a whole craze dejavu. “What’s your name?” i asked. “Tunji…what’s yours?”

(Tunji pov)
I bumped into her today at a store. “Are you ok?” i asked. She appears as beautiful as ever. Her beauty radiates like the sun. It gave me a frantic goosebumps all over me. She don’t remember me. But its ok that way. We’ve started something good. But there is another man. I fear she won’t love me as i want because of him. But I won’t give up easily. He clutched his hands around her. She blushed in his arms and envy grew inside me

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