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Added: Nov 12, 2017
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love in the dark - Season 1 - Episode 21
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?I’ve never felt this way ever… I felt like I was been beaten . Like I was been wrecked with my eyes wide open. I felt like my breath was seized. Like I’d died many times on the bed while he pounds me. Something is wrong. He’s not like this. Love is not this way. We never made love like we were at war.

I pushed him slightly, he pushed back. “Are you ok hon?” He replied with a frosty groan. “Please hon, you’re hurting me…” I cried. He stopped and stare at my routed face. “One minute dear…” he said with angst in his voice. “I can’t…” I said and faintly pushed him. He relieved his charged body from me and walked out of the room with his co-ck still standing tall. He appeared disgruntled by something. I pulled from the bed. Put my blouse and pant on. He bowed his head in front of the bathroom mirror. His eyes are red. He panted like he was chased by a bull. “Are you ok hon?” I asked with prudence in my voice. He didn’t reply.

I moved and touched him on his shoulder.
He reacted to it like the touch from me startled him. “I am ok,” he replied with a deep shuddering voice.

“No, you are not. You know you could share anything with me.”

“I am fine. Its work, believe me.”

“You’ve never acted this way to me.”
“What way?”

“I don’t know, your actions today are strange.”

“I told you its stress.”

“You made love to me like you wanted to hurt me.”

“I will never hurt you.”

“But you are hurting me.”

He reached for my cheeks and cleared the light tears rising from my red eyes. “I will never hurt. I will rather die than watch you get hurt,” he said like he meant every single word. He reached for my watery lips and placed his lips on it. I felt his love wax inside me. “I love you…”

My phone buzzed from the bedroom. I ran to get it. An unknown caller id displays on the screen. I clicked to answer the call.

“Hello… Who’s on the line?”

“Are you Angie?”
A male trotting voice saturated my phone speaker.


“Please come to St. Francis mortuary to identify a body.”

“What body?”

“Its a driver, by the name Gabriel Okafor.”

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