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love in the dark - Season 1 - Episode 26
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(Angie’s pov)

I studied mass communication in Yabatech. When I finished I had several plans, I wanted to work in an advertising agency.

Make a couple of bucks and delve into full time prose writing. That didn’t seem to work out very well. So I settled for an internship at Raven~FM. I have never desired working as a radio host but I’ve learnt to enjoy it over the years. I have gone from serving teas and reading news papers headlines to hosting radio shows. When I started in this line it was as competitive as a horse ride but I’ve gained quite a persona that have kept me hanging in the game. I co-hosted a radio talk show called ‘Where broken hearts go’ The show was successfully till the original anchor Eva D departed the station to the UK and I had an accident. The show was re-invented and the show’s name has been changed to ‘Love in the dark. ‘ The show reveals eccentric dark relationship tales and the rating are all crazed as the comments on my FB walls. Eva D returned and she wants her show back. The management got into talks with me to let her co-anchor with me. She refused to have me as a co-anchor and I hate been her shadow even.

One day we met at the studio it was few hours to my show. She called me out. “Hey, Angie right?” she asked disdainly. Yes, we hosted same show remember. “Yes…” I replied.

“Aren’t you so sick of feeding on my leftovers?”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Are you such a wannabe?”

I moved passed her. She tackled me. “Let me be,” I yelled at her. “You let me be. Get off my spotlight,” she retorted.

“I am not in your spotlight. This is my time, so just go to the dumps.”

“You are the trash. You pick around dumps. Tunji is one. One of my leftovers.”
“That’s a lie.”

“Oh, you think Tunji is the saint you think he is. He is even as fuc-ked up as hell.”

I started the show ‘Love in the dark’ A woman called in. Her fiancée is not who she thought he was. He claimed the persona of a pastor but he’s a cun artist. A fraudster. He defrauded her of her hard earned money but he has returned, begging that it was the handi-work of the devil. Should she accept him? He has apologize and have asssured her it won’t happen again. She still loves him, should she accept him back? I played Mark Anthony ‘Apologize’ Listen to the callers air their views and their box voices fade into the speakers. Tunji is not who he represent. All those clean white shirt and spotless suit. I can’t believe that man could even hurt a fly, talk of a full fleshed human. I called him when the show was over. “Hello,” a ladies voice rose in the background. WHAT?

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