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Added: Nov 13, 2017
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love in the dark - Season 1 - Episode 27
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When I close my eyes, I see his face. His emotionless face stare at me like a plague. Sometimes I can’t sleep, I stay late at night. My eyes shining like a torch. The cold wind that blows pierce my skin and I find myself shivering all through the night.

In the morning, I wake with a headache and a catarrh. The headache feeling like someone is hitting my head with a hammer and the catarrh feeling like I am about to bleed out all the blood in my system through my nostril.

I feel unusually dizzy and weak. Aunty Sally advised I get a pregnancy test, after I told her I missed my period last month.

I am scared, it may likely turn out to be true. I might be carrying a small Tunji in me. How will he take it? Bad or worse? Better or good? Tunji is a great guy. A nice gentleman and he would be a great father. We had a squabble, I have never seen him so angry. I accused him of cheating and he blurted out. He could not bear that I didn’t trust him. He walked away and never answered my calls.

Yes. I am having doubts. With Eva D always in my face, always reminding me that Tunji is not the saint, he claims he is. She knows him better. He is wild as a monster and cunning like a snake.

But when I look at him, I don’t see any of those. I see a man with a kind heart and a gentle spirit.

When he touch me, I see heaven with celestial bodies at my feet. His deep eyes make me loose balance. I always want to kiss his lips from morning to sunset and to sunrise again.

My heart beat for Tunji and for no one else. I will die if I stop loving him.

The doctor walks in. His face carries a message I could not ascertain. He appears like an angel without wings in his white coat.
He puts on an angelic smile and greets me cordially. My voice was strapped in my throat that I could hardly speak clearly.

“Am I pregnant doctor?”

He smiles broadly at me and shakes his head and I heave a sigh of relief, almost straining my chest.

“He or she is lucky to have you, you will make a good mother.”

My heart stops, I became unconscious for a split of second.

“A fine baby sits in your womb, Angie.”
My face turned animatedly red. The doctor must have noticed.

“Will Tunji accept him or her?”


I dedicate this episode to judey1992 and all those who believe in this story.

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