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Love me again - Season 1 - Episode 30
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“Sweet words soften the heart, no matter how tough it may seem”

I went back to my room and realized i missed several calls from an unknown number
I decided to call back

Hello, I missed a call from this number Unknown number: This is Clayton Hotel as I mentioned earlier, do you know anyone here, please I might not have heard her mentioning it earlier, I quickly gave him Clyde’s name and asked if she could pass me on she asked to hold on which I did

Babs is that you, I hope you are okay

What were you thinking Clyde? What came over you, at least give me a heads up
I hate you for this now

Am sorry Babs,I was just thinking of making things right

I didn’t care what your dad would do to me so far as he would forgive me for your sake, am willing to come to your house every now and then besides you were not exactly happy the last time we met

The more reason why, you should have stayed away from my house You better don’t try it again

Babs am still in love with you, if that’s the only way to get you back I will

Get ready to loose me forever then

Does this mean you forgive me, Babs do you still love me

i think I should come over more often, if two slaps from your dad can make you forgive me then I will want to take that every day, until you take me back

No to your first 2 questions but I hope you are okay, did you get your face looked at

Does it still hurt, if it does get some ice on it?

Yes it hurts, it will need your touch, why don’t you come over

Me: And where will I tell my dad am off to
i suddenly found myself easing up and smiling at his silly comments Get some ice on it, you should be fine.

By the way what happened to your cell phone, you called on the hotel line

I can’t tell, I think i might have dropped it accidentally in your house
It was in my shirt pocket, i think when i got slapped and I fell on my knees it dropped Kindly check for me

Me: Really, you did this on purpose so you can come back for it huh

Common who would want to come back for that kind of slap?

Me: Meaning you have agreed not to come back here. Thank you And don’t think you are so smart, you think I would bring this phone over,
i will send my driver to you later on
Have a good day gentleman we hanged up, just then daddy came in

Hi dear, how are you feeling

Am fine dad

He came to sit on the bed with me

You know your well-being is my top most priority

Sometimes I still think you are my little girl And I will do anything to make you happy and protect you from any one that wants to harm you

As you said earlier, you are old enough, so I won’t send you off to your aunt’s but don’t try threatening me of leaving forever, you don’t want to kill me right

Dad I love you, and I don’t want to do anything that will kill you
Whiles in Nigeria, there was no day I didn’t think about you guys My husband always say I should give it time that you will come around
So many times he tried calling the house for me but I stopped him Dad he is a good man, but he has some stuff am sure he needs to work through Whatever happened and we divorced,

I don’t want to talk about it either
Can you give him the chance to get to talk to you?

He always wanted to

Does that mean you have forgiven him and want to go off with him again

Dad i didn’t say that either, what am saying is Clyde has a lot of pride and for him to come in here after telling him you might kill him shows he regrets whatever he has done and wants to apologize

He hasn’t done anything to me, to apologize for,

He should be apologizing to you, he dare not step foot in this house again Whatever you want to do I won’t stop you, Just tell him i don’t want to see his face ever again in this house

And he dare not try taking you away to a no man’s land

He has apologized, am sure he wronged you when he married me without your blessings He wronged you when he broke Daddy’s little girl’s heart
Give him the chance to make up for it
Please dad, do this for me and i promise not to marry him again

Are you sure you are going to keep to your promise

Then I will think about it

Come down for lunch, your mum is waiting i went downstairs with my dad, thinking if i just did the right thing

On getting there, my mum found Clyde’s phone and handed it over to me

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