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Love me again - Season 1 - Episode 33
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“That feeling that wants to make you explode, that one that makes you young at once, don’t lock it in”

He indeed was looking like a prince charming With his cute pink shirt and blue trousers, simple and I noticed he got a hair cut
He sure knows how to pick them, I rushed down the stairs like a small girl
I was going to embrace him, am not sure what was going on through my mind until I heard my dad’s husky voice, Clyde was then looking in my direction

Hey young lady, careful you don’t fall Shouldn’t you be in something proper?

Dad, this is proper, besides am in the house It’s not like you are taking me out for proms

Okay fine, suit yourself go help your mum then As if my dad was trying to prevent me from meeting Clyde

I nearly said something, but Clyde shove me an eye I wonder what that meant

Young man, are you always this early or you are trying to impress someone

Sir good evening, my watch deceived me

Dad: You need to get a new watch then, or you might be late to the white house
I hid behind the blinds and once I saw my Dad going back upstairs i came towards Clyde The atmosphere became weird

Hey, did your watch really deceive you or you just outsmarted my Dad

How are you,

I hope you are not dressing up this way for dinner

Why are you all worried about my dress

Besides am yet to take my shower so, I might change

Why you don’t like it?

Wow! That was straight forward,
Like is an understatement, I love it
We were suddenly looking at each other weirdly

He reached out to hold my hands, which I didn’t object

Just then my mum interrupted us

emmmmmmm, welcome gentleman

Barbara why is he still standing
Young man have a seat
And where do you think you are doing

Am having a seat too mum

suit yourself, and why isn’t he served with anything

I just got here, besides am fine for now

Mum: Young man, I have been wanting to talk to you for some time now
Am sure Barbara might have told you something What’s your name again?

Clyde Obi, Maa

I don’t intend asking you what happened in between you two Because Madam here refused to tell us anything and am sure you won’t either
But I just want to know your intentions this time I love my daughter, if she is happy, I am too she seemed to be much of herself since you arrived unlike when she came home

Maa, am really sorry for whatever happened between Babs and I

I acknowledge I hurt the entire Wilson family when I took her away at first just to bring her back broken

I can’t begin to say i can fix it, but I know if given the chance i wouldn’t go that way again

I did a great harm to this beautiful woman here, And I can’t turn back the hands of time Maa, simply put I love your daughter, and I would do anything for her this time

well, if it were up to me alone, I would say you both are old enough to make your decisions But we have there the man of the house, Barbara is her Gold, He won’t let her go this time, though she is of age
At this point, I was fumbling with my fingers i almost cried out loud, as his words touched my heart i keep stealing glances until, I heard some footsteps from upstairs

I knew it was my dad, I quickly dashed to the kitchen I came out laying the table and everyone was sitting watching some boring cartoon

Both mum, dad and Clyde were quiet, I was wondering what was going on with them
I passed by as if no one noticed, I quickly showered, put on my best outfit and came out
My dad shouted, finally the queen of the house has decided to let us eat

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