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Love me again - Season 1 - Episode 36
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“Sometimes you just need to take that bold step, don’t let your guards down”

I got to the house, and I met dad waiting in the sitting room

Thank God, he muttered silently
I just passed by and went up to my room Few minutes later, he came knocking
Barbara open this door, I delayed a bit then opened

You are breaking my heart, I don’t want you going off again Am just trying to protect you, don’t you understand?

Me: Dad I told you, I don’t need protection at this age, just your support

Dad: Remember you made me a promise not to marry him again

Yes I know, I don’t intend to break that promise, I just need you to stop being so rude, and embarrassing him anytime he comes here I need to do this alone, Can you please let me You said you want what’s best for me, My happiness is your top priority, then let me handle this my own way

Okay, Am leaving you alone,
I know Dad wouldn’t give up so easily though he just said okay,

The house has become so uncomfortable for me, as my dad gives me the Daddy attitude, and I still struggle with decisions concerning Clyde,

Yes I do want him, but the fear of going all in and I crush again, Finding it difficult to forgive him is one thing I can handle, but not my recent feelings that I have to battle with.

I might explode soon, He seemed to have regretted and I can see that I want to be with him, but then there is my family, I don’t want to run off and leave behind again

In case something happens, I might not be able to forgive myself, I’m always afraid he might break my heart again, I can’t trust him again

Who would after toying with your heart, What if it happens again? I might not come out of it
Was in my office, thinking about all these
Just then Clyde just opened the door on me, startling me

What the hell, can’t you knock?

Clyde: Geez Babs, i guess I should go then

Me: No wait, am sorry

Troubles at home? Or it’s me

Both I exclaimed, Just a bunch of problems on my mind right now
Loving you is so easy, but letting go is not easy

Clyde: Then don’t let go, Babs If you want me to spend my whole life apologizing, i will so far as I get to be with you

You’ve hurt me so bad you know

I know, it won’t happen again please

You know I may never be able to trust you right?

Clyde: I understand, and I will take my chances

Okay then, what are you doing here by the way

Okay then what? I came to take you out on a surprise lunch

Okay then, nothing Lunch I see.

But I have a better idea
Let’s go home, give me just some few minutes to wrap up from here.

After some 10 minutes, she insisted we drive in his car While he ordered his driver to take the rest of the day off
We drove off, while he drives I kept stealing glances We drove in silence until we got to her place as we entered my parents were busy enjoying each other’s company
Then my Dad flared up again

I thought i told you not to come here again, as my mum calmed him down, Clyde’s face was down the whole time

Dad i thought we spoke about this, We agreed you aren’t going to treat him this way again

Dad You keep hurting me every now and then, Yes he wronged me first,

Am yet to forgive him, I suggest you do same, It hasn’t been easy on me, don’t make it any harder

I then pulled Clyde with me upstairs, As my Dad and Mum looked on and Clyde keeps looking back

We reached my room and I locked up the door

Am sorry about earlier, let’s give it a minute and I will fix up something to eat

I should be apologizing, you defended me out there

Thank you, and am guessing this was your plan all along, to piss your Dad off and you have a nice room here

Am glad you know that now, I just want you guys to get along then I can have peace

Does that peace include marrying me? Babs I love you

I will pretend i haven’t heard you,
Let me just get us that food now i quickly rushed out just to avoid exploding in there Only God knows, I wanted to tell him I love him too, but I guess i may never be able to
I got the food fixed, we ate inside my room, After eating we resorted to all kinds of games, Pillow fights were not excluded
One thing led to another and we found ourselves in heaven, I guess we were about to have a second honey moon, just then my dad’s voice came calling

I would have regretted sleeping with Clyde if my dad hadn’t come, i quickly pushed my dress on while he did the same, on opening the door for my dad, he kept looking inside as if he lost something

Young man, can i talk to my daughter alone?

You can wait downstairs And dress properly in my house, Clyde was still battling with getting his buttons fixed

Dad we can talk in your study, Let Clyde be please

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