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Love me again - Season 1 - Episode 39
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“Love is possible when in pain”

I spoke with his parents, and they are only going to forgive him

When they see changes in his behavior
Am not sure I have fully forgiven him yet, but one thing am sure of is I still love him
I don’t know how I can still love in the absent of forgiveness.

After a few weeks, I was with dad and mum watching some program on television, when we heard our door bell ring.

I went to get it, just to see Clyde standing there smiling

We had no plans, we spoke 30minutes ago and he told me he was going to sleep

What are you doing here? I mean you didn’t mention you will be coming my dad is around, and we are having a family time

Babs relax, at least let me in
Am glad your parents are here, I came to see them

Me: What for? Please don’t ruin anything we have going on now

I don’t intend to, I let him in after a peck and a hug, I saw my dad adjusting himself in the couch

Dad before you say anything, I didn’t know he was coming but he said he wants to talk to you and mum.

So please and please just hear him out

Young man, have a seat, what do we offer you

Clyde: Nothing sir, Thank you for this opportunity

At this point I was nervous, Clyde don’t blow this up for me.

We all sat and was eager to hear what he had to say

First of all, am sorry once again for anything, And my Dad yelled, Go straight to the point, I don’t have all the time.

At this point I kept staring at him

I want to marry your daughter, officially now.

We three all chorused; WHAT?

Are you out of your mind, I allow you to do whatever it is you do with her these past months because I made her a promise.
Now here you sit with me with this rubbish, This is the last of your stupidity, I will take, Now get out before I say something else
Clyde just sat there with his head in his palms

My husband, don’t you think you are being over protective

I mean allow them to do what they want
You can’t make a decision for your 28 year old daughter, She’s right here, ask her, If she likes it why not

Dad: Woman, you talk as if you don’t love your daughter

And as if she has ever made any right decision for herself

Okay enough

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