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Love me again - Season 1 - Episode 42
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“Don’t over make the rules in your home, keep them simple for peace sake”

Clyde takes the time to help my brothers out with assignments

Their football games i can’t keep up with
And it’s nice to get home and be greeted by your husband with a kiss

Though it was supposed to be the other way round
It’s been 3weeks and he hasn’t touched me yet and am gradually burning inside, pride on his side
On my side am sure it’s just fear of what I should expect
It’s been long, yes i know that but I sure have no expectations, I’m beginning to think he is paying me back for this arrangement
I mean am I the bad one here, I love this man so much

And he hurt me pretty bad, now am not sure what I have ahead of me, I was talking to myself silently when he came in from a run
I was just staring at him, as if there is something different about him

Why, what’s going on i just went for a run

Yeah I know, Is it now a crime to admire you

No, but I just have a feeling that’s just not it

Me: Clyde am fine, I just have something I want to ask you
You okay right, everything is fine between us?

I hope whatever we have going on here isn’t affecting us, You are not angry over anything right?

The tears started flowing.

Hey Babs, are you okay

What is it, has someone done something to you

He came closer and i just zoomed on his lips like I was hungry

I could see him struggling to let go, when I was busy pulling off his shorts

As if he knew I wasn’t going to stop, he pulled away by force

Leaving me on the bed, then he was walking around the room with his hand scratching his head

What is it, Are you punishing me for something

You haven’t touched me in 3weeks, what kind of emotional trauma is this

It’s not like that, I want to Babs, trust me, But I just can’t,

What are you afraid of? Me?

Were you not the same person some months back you were so eager to sleep with me if I had let go

He wasn’t saying anything anymore, so I just walked out which he tried to stop me

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