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Love me again - Season 1 - Episode 45
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“Forgiveness opens doors, forgive and most importantly forgive yourself first”

I took some time off to be home
My dad nevertheless complains of our late nights or when we end up not coming home at all
I guess he is getting used to the trend
We decided the arguments and fights are enough
Gradually my heart begins to open up again to forgive him
But these past month it was more about forgiving myself than forgiving him
I realized when he hurt me, I needed to forgive myself for the guilt i feel
The many things i thought if i had done right then we wouldn’t be in this situation.

i was beginning to feel sorry for him staying home all day, after months of our reunion
We only go out when I want us to, and end up paying the bills
He feels embarrassed sometimes but can’t complain
He neither touches the allowance i give him
Once he told me he wants to take me out, but had less than what I deserve
I asked to give him money but then he turned it down claiming that wouldn’t be romantic anymore
He said I should take it like, starting his life afresh
I asked him to sell off his property, not clear his savings as well
Apparently he had cleared before coming here
And made some pretty much risky investments while leaving
After a week, I was at work when he called telling me he wasn’t feeling well.

I rushed home just to find him all dressed up for a date he booked without my help,
I asked where he got the money from since he hasn’t touched what I left

He wasn’t going to tell me, I just gave up
But I heard from my brothers he did some heavy lifting for my mum

He offered to do that when my mum was going to hire someone.

She refused but he said he can do it for a fee then
Knowing my mum, she might have been more than generous
I did enjoy our date, it felt so good to be pampered outside the house

Darling, can I suggest something and don’t say, No

Anything for you Babs

I want you to think of working again I will give you the Capital, and don’t say No

What happened, am I too much of a burden, Besides I hardly buy anything

Please that’s not it, I feel I made that decision in a haste

And I have no right to rob you of whatever you worked for

Am willing to pay all that back

Clyde: Babs thank you, but I won’t need your money
If you want me to work, then I will
But kindly let me do this on my own.

I will get a job, save and get something set up so I can have time for you.

Then let me recruit you
My dad’s company is huge enough, we can always create a position for you

I don’t want you having any further problems with your Dad, I will find something, just give me sometime dear

Am not rushing you, but promise me you will ask for help, if you need it, one thing led to another, all I remembered was we were holding hands talking
By the time we realized the deed has been done and we were panting
With me yelling out I love you, like our first night ever today

Where I had him all to myself, and took him out of this world

He only smiled and said finally you said it again Which he replies I love to hear you say that again

I could feel my body drenched in sweat, when the air-con is still on

You can tell that was a really good one
We had other fierce rounds until evening, That was the breakthrough, we didn’t need any extra therapy to get to work

Since then we never had a problem with our sexual life

My dad on the other hand keeps looking for our trouble, crushing our moments
I remember him telling Clyde he should keep his shorts zipped , and that his company is not a brothel

I don’t know where he got that from, Clyde is beginning to think he had cameras installed in my office because there is no way he would have known about our office romance
Well that’s his problem

Up till now Clyde is still looking for a job
He has refused help, but am determined to help without his knowledge.

My Dad however cannot stand the fact that I spend most of my times with Clyde.

I remember he once walked in on us in the act, wrapped under the sheets though
Which he shouted young man close the d--n door next time, Before you defile my daughter under my own roof, or Do you need lectures
I replied Dad knock next time, we are two consenting adults

So am sure the law allows that and he sure knows what he is doing

Clyde couldn’t help but laugh after he left I admit I have been giving my dad some attitude lately

But I just want him to agree with me regarding my husband being part of the family now

I refer to him by my husband because there is no other way I can call what we have now
Mum on the other hand has been so helpful, she wants to be the best mother in-law
After one early morning quickie before work, that has become the trend now I can’t resist too,
I mean I enjoy every bit of it, it gets me fired up for work
Clyde not knowing bought a ring to be placed on my finger
I told him No, that I love what we have now
We wrote our vow in just one single statement and signed; Love should never elude us again.

After a few thoughts I took the ring, hang it on our bedroom wall together with the vow.
Which I hope I could re-consider and put on someday

May be when my Dad starts being nice to my partner
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