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Lucifer's Bride
 - Season 1 - Episode 10
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Bella saw a guy wearing a black shirt and a blue jean with a parcel in his hands.

“Hello, are you miss Annabella Andrews?” he asked.


“Okay, mr. Lucian Cypher told me to pass the parcel to you and a bunch of these flowers.”
he said extending the gifts to her.

“I don’t know him, so I can’t take it, and please excuse me, I have to go now,”

“But madam, he insist”

“And I refused to take it.”
she said trying to control her temper, she checked at her wrist watch and couldn’t wait any longer.

She was about walking out on him, when he held her hand then something flew out of him and entered her, she became stunned, then walked out with an evil grin on her face.

No doubt, that was Lucifer.

She bought the food from a restaurant before she went to the hospital.

Later, detective David and Joy arrived but found the house locked, no one was at home so they decided to wait for her in their car.


Bella entered her brother’s ward and opened the flask for him to see the rice she had bought, he didn’t waste anytime to devour the food.

After he was done, he became tired, then Bella decided to ask him what happened.

But then, he couldn’t remember.

The Doctor came afterwards and announced that he was okay to go home that day, both were happy.


Bella’s apartment. Afternoon. 14: 30 P.M
Detective spoted Bella driving in with a cab, then he tapped Joy as they got down.

They walked to her as she was trying to open her door.

“Hey, miss Annabel right?”
David asked.

she confirmed.

“Hey Rolland, what happened to you?”
David said as he saw the bandage on his head.

“Excuse me, who are you?” Rolland said looking confused.

David and Joy was also confused. . .

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