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Lucifer's Bride
 - Season 1 - Episode 12
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Detective David was almost at the police station when he remembered he had left his phone at Bella’s Place, so he took a U-turn, Detective Joy asked him why. He told her he had forgotten his phone with that, she had kept quiet.


After they had left, Bella went straight to the kitchen to prepare jollof rice for she and her brother.

Rolland had gone to take an afternoon nap, obviously, he needed to calm his head.
Bella was rinsing the rice as she prepared the pot she wanted to use.

She turned on the gas cooker and put the pot of water on the fire, then she filtered and put the rice into the put.

Immediately she did, she felt a hand rounding her waist and hip, she felt a s£nsat!onal trill ran through her.

The hand was slowly turning her when she heard a knock then the hand vanished.


David got there very swift, as he immediately knocked on the door.

Joy stayed back in the car while he went ahead.
He knocked for the second time before Bella opened the door, she was a little sweaty due to what she was doing in the kitchen.

“Sorry miss Bella, did you see my phone? It appears I had forgotten it here.”
David said after Bella had opened the door.

“No, are you sure?”

“Yea, am sure, can you search it for me?”
“Okay a minute,”
Bella said as she shut the door.

Two minutes later, she came out with the phone and handed it to him as they both said goodbyes.

David got back to his car, as he jumped in then ignited his car engine before it zoomed out of there.

Lucifer became restless, someone was always interferring with him and Bella.

Once again, he was angry and he needed blood.
“Let me be formal this time around,” he said to himself as he moved at a great speed.

Then he saw a kid playing on a yard.

With great agility, he lifted the child a minute, the child tried to cry but couldn’t as Lucifer opened his mouth as the kid was vomitting his blood into the mouth of Lucifer.


A Star appeared falling down from heaven as it landed on a field.

There was a great hole mark as the place was filled with fogs.

Then a white winged man dressed in a white charrade was holding a script.

Then he bowed and said a silent prayer before his wings fluttered into his body.


Lucifer was draining the child’s blood whem he suddenly stopped.

“Your here! I can feel it.”
He smiled to himself as he got prepared on what is to come.

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