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Lucifer's Bride
 - Season 1 - Episode 13
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The night was cloudy now, as the moon had gone into hiding.

Rolland was restless, something sinister was about to happen, but he just couldn’t place a finger on it.

Lucifer stood still as the winged man approached him.

“Gabriel?” Lucifer said shockingly. “I was expecting Micheal.”

“Well, you have me now. I come with a message from the MOST HIGH, desist from the mortal girl. She has found favour and mercy in HIS EYES.”
Gabriel sounded angry.

“Oh! After casting me out of Heaven, your here standing before me. And you think I will let you go?”

“You won’t do anything Lucifer, it was you that caused that to yourself. You think your an adversary to the MOST HIGH. And you think you could rule over Heaven.”

Gabriel said seriously.

“She’s a sinner, she doesn’t pray yet she found favor in HIS EYES? I don’t think so. She is mine and I will have her.”

“I am only a messenger from the MOST HIGH. The Angel Gadriel is watching over her.”

“Well, it’s time to follow me to hell,”
Lucifer said as he threw a powerful force at Gabriel but Angel Sachiel, the Archangel blocked it with his Heavenly sword.”

“Go Gabriel!”
Sachiel said as he stood his war defense.

“Good thing Sachiel is here, let me show you am the most powerful Angel of all time,” Lucifer said as he quickly dashed Sachiel with a heavy punch that sent him flying backwards.

Gabriel flustered his wings as he ascended to Heaven.

Sachiel threw his sword at Lucifer as he docked it. He lifted Sachiel up but Sachiel gave him a rib strike attack.

That blow made Lucifer to let go off him.

As Sachiel brought out his wings, he wanted to fly to Heaven when Lucifer caught his leg and drew him back. Then Lucifer dragged his wings out forcefully which made Sachiel scream.

The high pitch scream was over Rolland’s ear.

Rolland was screaming and holding his head.

Bella rushed to his room and found him screaming at the floor. He was crying.

“The noise! Stop the noise!”
Rolland screamed out in pain as he passed out.

Sachiel now was lying weakly on the ground.

Then Lucifer opened a man hole in the ground and dragged Sachiel to Hell.

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