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Lucifer's Bride
 - Season 1 - Episode 3
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They drove into the building Edifice.

As they parked the car, they got down and walked through the yellow tape as they met a police officer.

“Hello, am Detective David Spencer, and this is my partner, Detective Joy Ugochukwu from the D.S.S”
David said as he shook hands with the police officer and showing their badges.

“am Sergeant Okon Udeme, what can I do for you?”
the policeman asked.

“We need to know what caused the death of the victim that died here last night, and also the list of the people that attended the party.”
Detective Joy cuts in.

“For now, we dont know the cause of death, cause they are still examining it, and the list is with Inspector Simon.” the policeman said.

“Where is he?”

“Follow me,”

They followed the inspector into the building as they walked to a dark complexioned man about 5ft tall.

“Good day Inspector, these are Detective David Spencer and Detective Joy Ugochukwu from the D.S.S.”
the policeman said as he saluted the inspector before walking away.

“Hi, am Inspector Simon Ameachi, how can I help you?”
the Inspector said.

“We need the list containing the names and address of those that came to the party,”
David said.

“Ok, but why do you need it?”

“for interrogation,”
David answered.

The Inspector looked at them before he said, “Okay, follow me.”

They followed the Inspector as he strode out of the building as he came around the parking space, he inserted a key into a Honda Accord car, then he slipped inside, checking a safe, he saw a file, looked at it and came out of the car before handling it to David.

“Here you go, all you need is in there.”
The Inspector said as he entered the building again.

David and Joy took a glance at the paper before deciding on who to Visit first-Cynthia Victor, the hostess of the party.

They went back to David’s car before sliding in, David turned on the engine as he reversed out of the building.

Then, they were heading towards Toyin street.


Hades entered the tartarius and saw Lucifer, sitted on the rocky throne, with an emotionless face.

My Lord, did you succeed?

No, I got distracted, but neitherless, I shall have my bride tonight.

What do you mean my Lord?

I will show myself to her this night.

Hades was perplexed but couldn’t say anything again, as he went out of Tartarius leaving Lucifer alone in his chambers.

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