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Lucifer's Bride
 - Season 1 - Episode 4
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They drove to a compound that belongs to Senator Victor Ogolo.

They horned to alert the gateman to open the gate for them but the gateman needed some identification before letting them in. Though he has told the senator of their appearance.

They strode into the mansion, everything was fascinating.

Senator Victor came out wearing a red agbada, and a hat that matched, it appears he was going out, but also wants to know why the polices had visited him.

He didn’t know of the party his threw last night.

So he was kinda shocked of their visit.

“How may I help you officers?”
he asked.

“Good day sir, am detective David Spencer and this is my partner, Detective Joy Ugochukwu.” David said.

“We’re here to speak with your daughter, Cynthia, regarding the death of a girl in her party last night.”

The senator was shocked.

He had heard of a girl that whose dead body was found in a party, but he didn’t know that his daughter was the host.

he called out.

“Yes dad?”
Cynthia said as she walked down the stairs, but stopped halfway as she notice two people sitting in their sofa, and also saw the angry but worried face of her father, she didn’t need anyone to tell her that this they police officers and that they were here over what happened last night.

Finally, she came out and greeted David and Joy before sitting down at a one arm sofa.

“You must be Cynthia, right?”
Joy asked.

“Yes,” she nodded.

“Okay, can we ask you questions regarding the dead body of Miss favour Ndubuisi at your party last?”
Again she nodded.

“Okay, are you friends with Miss favour?”


“Do you know her from somewhere?”


“Okay, did you invite her to your party?”

“No, but I invited her friend, Tobi Andrews, maybe she was the one that invited Favour.”

“Hmm, do you suspect any strange behaviour or movements in your party?”


“Are you sure?”

“Yes, it was a party, I was having fun so I didn’t noticed any strange movements.”

“Okay, did you seen Miss Favour’s corpse”

“Yes, she was all pale.”

“Good, what did you think might have killed her, is it drink poisoning?”

“I don’t know, me and she aren’t even related.”
Cynthia sounded angry by the questions that their were throwing at her.

She was fed up with it.

Detective David sensed it and took over.

“Try to remember if you saw any strange faces like a man who was with her.”

“I can’t remember.”

“Okay, that will be all for today.”
David said as he rosed up from the chair, he shooked hands with the chair and headed towards the door followed by Joy.

Now they just have to go meet Annabella Daniel.

They entered the camry and drove out of the compound before going back to the office.

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