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Lucifer's Bride
 - Season 1 - Episode 8
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Bella had taken Rolland to the Hospital, he was in coma, the force had made him lost consciousness.

Bella went back home and took her bath, she wore a red top and a jean skirt.

Before she went back to the hospital again.
Meanwhile. . .


David’s home.

Detective David was preparing to go to the station when he recieved a call from the Chief, he picked it and pressed the intercom. button before he spoke out. “Good day Chief,” he greeted. “Come to the station now, the officers were murdered last night,” the Chief said and hung up without allowing David to say anything.

After the call David murfled something under his breath.

He wore his black timberland shoe and Gucci wrist watch, before he took his car key and exited his apartment.

Forty minutes later.

He parked his car in the car edifice and stepped out of it before he strode into the station.

He peeped into Joy’s office first, since he didn’t see her in the office, he then assumed she was in the Chief’s office since her door wasn’t locked.

Then he walked to the direction leading to the Chief’s office, he knocked and the Chief answered from inside.

He entered inside the office and saw Joy sitted at one of the arm chair, he was right all along, then he took a chair also and sat down.

“Two Policemen were brutally killed last night, and the way they were killed, i suspected our killer to be a cannibal.”
the Chief got straight to the point. Then he shoved out a picture of the two dead cops and showed it to the two detectives.

“Oh My God!”
Joy exclaimed looking at the Picture. “Who could have done this?” Joy asked apparently shakened.

“I don’t know, that’s why you people should take on the case, your the best I have except from Detective Anthony Abraham, who is in Vacation till next three weeks.”
the Chief said.

David whom didn’t say anything was also shocked.

“This is no ordinary murder,”
he blunted out.

“What do you mean?” the Chief asked looking confused.

David looked at the Chief for a while before he said. “Chief can I take a look at the bodies before I report back to you?”.

the Chief said.

“Thank you.”
David said as he got up and saluted the Chief and headed towards the morgue.

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