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Mad Lust  - Season 1 - Episode 2
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She’s beautiful, Sekxy- I envy her body and I wish to have such, but She’s incredibly bitter. I didn’t know where it came from, but suddenly, my nice mom became a shrew!

She raved and ranted over everything and kept on preaching to me about the depravities of S£x. How much I shouldn’t Fork, how bad Bleeping is, how awful it is, and a lot of bullshit!

Frankly, I don’t know how my dad copes with her. My dad on the other hand- A handsome caring man, who’s sweet and softly firm.

She’s reducing the happiness is the house and I’m tired!

At 22 years old, I have no freedom. At first, I assumed it was an over protective motherly instinct- because I’m her only child and times in this recession has increased the cases of kidnapping. But no! This is over the top.

She insisted on my studying my Master’s from home and I regretted ever agreeing to that crap of bull. And did i add that she has a serious case of loading guilt on you? You’d feel so bad at hurting her that you’d forget you’re hurt. I mi my mom, the one that we loved and smiled all the time. No the nasty Bytch waiting for me at home.


I felt a wave of disgust fill me at the books I was riffling through. Oh my goodness my daughter is turning into her father! That perversion has is pervasive! It has seeped into the blood of my lovely daughter.

My heart clenched with love. Tiwa. She’s my baby, my only anchor in this storm. The only reason i hold on to my sham of a marriage.
She’s the only one not tearing me apart emotionally.

She’s doing so now anyway! I felt anger fill me at the explicit content of the books! I packed them from under her pillows and shivered again in disgust. My eyes fell on the image of a woman restrained in a surprisingly e----c tangle of ropes.

And a man wielding a handcuff. Her butt0ckz was bright red and her lips were opened in a moue of joy.

I quickly reverted my eyes from the image, and for the first time in a long long time, I ventured into Lanre’s wing. I swept in like a majestic goddess- and I flung the pictures in the general direction of his office table.

The room was a bit dim and it took a moment for my eyes to adjust, but I totally didn’t care. I hurtled hurtful words at the pervert that is turning my daughter into something else! I heard footsteps behind me.. I looked back.. ”Mother,” Tiwa called tentatively behind me.

I gestured to the books strewn on the floor. . ”You perverse sinner! What have you turned into?!” She squinted her eyes, and then paled when she realised what they were.

“What’s happening here?!”
The commanding voice of lanre called out. A light switch turned on and I stared in shock. Lanre was Unclad! And a woman was spread eagled on a bed! I didn’t even know he had a bed in his office!

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