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Added: Oct 11, 2017
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Me and my Supernatural Girlfriend - Season 1 - Episode 17
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After I have successfully certisfied myself, I stood up and I finally gain my sense of reasoning..omo wetin I do?.. I looked at nifemi, she was weeping bitterly.. mehn! I don f--k up sha.. immediately I went on my kneels and started begin her to forgive me.. but she didn’t answer me..i begged her for almost 30 minutes but she was mute and she never utter a word..

Me : nifemi! Am sorry nah..its not my fault.. na devil work, please forgive me. See I promised not to try such again. Please forgive me, I swear na devil work. Nifemi please nah!

Yet she still keep mute, after 15 minutes of tireless begging, I hold her hands and try to code her with sweet words. I did that for about ten minutes ,then suddenly she just fell on the bed and faint. At first I thought it was a joke, not until I used my hands to check if she was still breathing. “Like in nollywOod movies ” I became shocked, my legs began to shake, I quickly picked my phone and called oluzo.

Me : oluzo! Please rush down to my place immediately, wahala don shelle o.*crying*
Oluzo : wetin happen?

Me : it’s nifemi o, I didn’t touch her o, please just come *crying*

Oluzo : harno calm yourself and tell me what’s going on!

I went ahead to narrate everything to him and he assured me that he will be in my room in few minutes time. One thing I love about oluzo is, he never let you down when ever you need him, be it in fire or water, he will always be there. After dropping the call I still tried to check maybe nifemi was still not breathing. but yes, the story still remains the same. I jumped up and fell on the floor. I knew my doom is near. I started imaging evil things happening if possibly she died.

How will my brother react to this? What about her parents, would they not asked what their daughter was doing in my room? How will I survive the punishment of the police,? And what if they sentenced me to death, is this how am gonna end my life? . I started praying *me that does not pray* I promised God if probably I get out of this, it would probably be my last time.

Few minutes later oluzo came in and he shouted.

Oluzo : Ahh! See blood ! How you take do am, she fall untop knife? *his mouth was widely opened *

Me : no jorh! She be virgin! *crying*

Oluzo : hmmm! OK relax we go try our best now, go find me rob, onion, matches and salt.

Me : wetin you wan cook? *i asked reluctantly *

Oluzo : I wan cook indomie. Cow! answer me jare no time.

I quickly rushed down to the kitchen and return with oluzo’s requirements..he performed his kinda magic and tried his best, but still nefime no gree wake up.. am dead

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