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Added: Oct 11, 2017
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Me and my Supernatural Girlfriend - Season 1 - Episode 18
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I looked up and down, I shaked my head and I started imagining myself roasting in hell.. tears dropped simultaneously in my eyes, I started cursing the day I saw nifemi, I cursed myself and also oluzo for letting me meet her. I knew I don’t have much time cus someone from somewhere will soon discover something fishy going on in my room..

I looked at oluzo and he was still battling with nifemi.. I planned maybe I should just pick something sharp and stab myself to death, maybe death will be the possible solution to this. Or I should just run back to Lagos and never return. But what about my brother!? He will be the one suffering for the crime he knew nothing! that won’t help..

This continues for several minutes, then I stood up and move closer to the edge of my bed, I saw a nylon of salt which I kept besides the burglary on the window. Immediately I could recall how I got the salt.. it was actually giving to us at my church.(I love celestial church) .my shepherd told us if we have any stomach pain of we are feeling sick,we should just apply small portion of it to water and drink it..

Immediately my lost courage came back alive, I quickly picked it and opened it, I removed Little sum of it and insert it in nifemi’s mouth.. low and behold, she coughed out and started shaking like a fish. Oluzo stepped backward to watched the drama.. within 10 seconds, nifemi jumped up and started crying..

My temperature dropped from 280 degree to 120 with immediate effect.. I sat on the floor and took a deep breath..good God! Nifemi is alive.. I hugged oluzo tight and started thanking my stars for not letting me down..nifemi looked at me and oluzo, “who applied salt in my mouth ” she asked furiously..oluzo points at me..

Nifemi : who gave you that salt?

Me : I .I goh. got it from church..*stammering*

Nifemi : oluzo! Can you please excuse us?

Oluzo : no problem! * he walks out*

Nifemi : *crying* you never told me this is what you will do to my body

Me : am sorry! It’s the devil’s work

Nifemi : na devil give you salt abi? *she screamed *

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