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Added: Oct 11, 2017
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Me and my Supernatural Girlfriend - Season 1 - Episode 19
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Yeh mogbe! What’s she talking about, is it her virginity or what? What does the salt has to do with her virginity? Shebi I use am save her life ni?

me : I don’t understand you!

Nifemi : *crying* you never told me you are going to reduce my power when you were asking me out o!

Me : how ?I don’t understand.

Nifemi : see promise, I fink now is the right time for you to know who I am..

Me :
ok *shaking *

Nifemi : long before you entered this state, we had been targeting you for long, but since you moved in.. I decided to handle the mission on my own..

Me : sorry I don’t understand you..

Nifemi : ok! Am an ogbanje. . And not just an ogbanje, I am their queen. Our mission is to trap guyz who has shinning stars..

Me : yeeeeh! ( I stood up) Nifemi.. you ogbanje?.. I don die o.

Nifemi : calmdown! At first I want to give the mission to one of my friends, but I knew you are not the extroverted type, so I decided to handle the mission on my own..

Me : how!? I no understand..* I asked in a surprised manner *

Nifemi : promise, take a good look at me, how old do you think I am?

Me : probably 20 or 19 sha!

Nifemi : *laughing* ok! Am 1000 years old, and I have been travelling across the length and breath of this world, I understand everything about it.. right from when you and oluzo went to meet the street guyz,to the time you apply sleeping tablets in my drink. All of your stylish act, na im I know..

Me : jesus!

Nifemi : yes! That’s nothing but the truth.. but the problem there is, I have a spiritual husband, and he will be ready to hunt you down, he don’t share his wife with anyone, so you must be really careful..

Me : yeeeeh! Nifemi paa mi o (Nifemi has killed me)

Nifemi : promise, relax. There is a solution, he won’t be able to attack you physically, but you must be spiritually strong. ‎

I stood there looking at her with my mouth wide open..i want to run out but the door was locked..i quickly go on my kneels begging for her mercy..

Me : pls Nifemi forgive me.. I swear na devil work..

Nifemi : promise calmdown, nothing will happen.. the only reason why you are alive was because I love u, and I have no intention of hurting you. When I fainted, he was actually trying to attack you, but I went to stop one leaves our meeting without taking excuse, the salt you inserted in my mouth made me exit the meetin without an excuse and I will have to face some punishment for that…now you have known my deepest secret.. so now tell me, are you still going to date me or not..?

Chai! Wetin man go do o,? if I tell her No, she fit kill me here, if I tell her yes, her spiritual husband no go gree me rest.. I don enter am

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