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Added: Oct 11, 2017
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Me and my Supernatural Girlfriend - Season 1 - Episode 20
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Source: coolval22
For almost 30 minutes I was busy pondering on what to say, at first I planned to text oluzo on whatsapp maybe he can render a suitable solution to this, ” but this girl go catch me nah” I said to myself..

Finally nifemi brakes the silence..

Nifemi : am waiting for your reply o, or you don’t want me anymore? *she trow a dissatisfacting look*

I sit there looking like a statue, still wondering on what to say .then nifemi throw yet another question

Nifemi : promise, what’s difficult in you telling me your mind? Abi na bcoz say you don see wetin you want now you wan dump me abi? *she asked in a confused manner *

I thought for a while and I see no reason for saying no cus I truly love her. Like seriously I have no choice than to accept, so I replied her question..

Me : no nah! Nifemi, it’s not easy just to decide, but the truth is I still love you no matter what, so I can’t just end this relationship simply because you are an ogbanje. Love is all about accepting one’s flaws.. So am in!

Immediately she jumped up and gave me a wet kiss, she hugged me very tight that I can hardly breath.. mehn! This girl no know wetin she wan put me o! See as she de happy.. I thought within myself.. few minutes later she received a call from home asking her to come home immediately.

Nifemi : my love, please I have to go home now.. * she trow a blushing look *
Nawa o, I don turn her love sharply. Mehn! If this girl no kill me this year,i swear I no go die again..

Me : ok! Let me see you off…

We stood up and I walked her out of the compound, on our way going we met oluzo, he sat on a raffia pole made bench busy surfing his phone..immediately he saw us, he throws me a wink and I codedly reply him with a wakah!.. though Nifemi was not aware of it..

As we walked pass, I received a beep from oluzo, and I quickly check it out..

Oluzo : bad guy! See as Nifemi no fit Waka well..*wink smiley *

Me : tfu! *angry smiley*

Oluzo : fool! You don see wetin you wan see now,na to de form Mr nice guy remain abi? *blush smiley*

Me : oga leave me first, I de come back for you..

After I walked Nifemi out of the vicinity the only word I heard from her was “I will call you when I get home” though she had been telling me things, but I couldn’t hear her cus was lost in the wilderness of thoughts ..‎‎I bid her farewell and turn quickly.. oluzo! na me and you today..

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