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Added: Oct 11, 2017
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Me and my Supernatural Girlfriend - Season 1 - Episode 21
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Source: coolval22
When I got to where oluzo was sitting he was no where to be found, I went inside to check on him but Emeka told me he just went out to get something..

Me : ok! When he don come,help me tell am say make he try see me..

Emeka : ok sir..

Then I went home, I entered my room and jumped on the bed like a falling tree.. I relaxed and thought for a while.. how will I get myself out of this mess en? I picked my phone and text oluzo on whatsapp..

(Me and oluzo on whatsapp)

Me :
guy! Where u carry dat your black head go?

Oluzo : your head nack pole there. I de Caro shop.. *wink smiley*

Me : abeg do quick we get talk..

Oluzo : hafa! You nack the girl?

Me : yes! But kasala don burst o… I need to see u..

Oluzo : you go wait ni o, cus I wan sample Caro this night.. * blushing smiley*

Me : oga am serious jorh answer me * angry smiley *

Oluzo : wetin? You don sample nifemi finish now, u no wan gree mah sample Caro, dem send you to me?

Me : guy e de very urgent nah..

Oluzo : guy! No disturb my life nah.. you no fit talk am here?

Me : no jare.. no be whatsapp matter..

Oluzo : oga you go wait ni o..

Me : chai! OK I de wait you sha..just do quick..

Oluzo : who you help?

Me : ask amadioha..

Oluzo : oga go drink milk..

I end the chat and went out to get myself some food.. after eating i received a call from nifemi, during the process oluzo enters and I quickly end the call..

Oluzo : guy why you de disturb my life?

Me : how I take disturb your life?

Oluzo : see as the fool de take question answer my question sha.. anyways, make I free you. Oya yarn me wetin happen..

Me : oga, gobe don happen o, I see America wonder today o

Oluzo : wetin you see?

Me : shey you know say nifemi na virgin?

Oluzo : which nifemi?

Me : the one whey de advertise toothpaste for TV! Oponu (fool)

Oluzo : hahahaha! Madman.. I no Sabi the nifemi whey u de try talk ni, cus the nifemi whey I know no fit be virgin..

Me : oga! Nifemi na virgin, and I go prove am to you..

I stood up and brought out the stained bed spread, I showed him..

Me : na her cherry stain bed so!

Oluzo : Jesus christ of okoga.. so big girl like that fit be virgin?

Me : me self surprise pass you o..

Oluzo : enn! So which one come be gobe there, abi na sin to pop person cherry ni?

Me : no be that one jare.. (I went ahead to narrate everything to him)

Oluzo laughed for over 5 minutes, he keep pointing fingers at me while laughing..

Me : oga wetin come funny now?

Oluzo : *laughing * everything oooo..

Me : how?

Oluzo : promise, abeg take hand clean the dirty whey de your head..

I quickly dust my hair with my left hand..

Oluzo : ehen! Na the stupidity whey de your head you just comot so..

Me : ha!

Oluzo : yes! Cus na you mumu pass for this life, if you the pass go and you hears say them shout mumu ooo! Abeg run go there, na you them de call..

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