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Added: Oct 13, 2017
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Me and my Supernatural Girlfriend - Season 1 - Episode 24
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Source: coolval22

That afternoon I saw oluzo and I discussed everything with him, he assured me that nothing is going to happen that it’s just an imagination and frightening thoughts I have due to what nifemi told me.. during the process, Caro omo iya alata called oluzo, they discuss for a while and oluzo begged me to follow him there..

at first I decide to turn down the request, but if I should stay home there is possibility that something strange might occur, so I quickly followed him..

Oluzo : no worry my guy! You go take am clear your mind

Me : ok! But shey we no go stay too long sha?

Oluzo : yes! I just wan see her collect something from her ni..

Me : ok am in. Let’s go.

Oluzo : confirm! Your head de dere my guy.. she even tell me say one of her friend de with her there, I go kuku runs that one give you.. ( he said with a wild grin on his face)
On hearing this my head ring like an alarm..i quickly stood up

Me : oya make we de go sharp sharp (I smiled)

Oluzo : bad guyz! I know say you no de take ear hear girl..

Me : (I laughed) na you I resemble nah

Oluzo : how you go resemble me when Nino the viper de there?

Me : come! Wetin wan de bring that one from you? You de mad ni?

Oluzo : no vex! Na joke, you too de vex self..

Me : alaye no de take that kind talk follow me play, I no like am..

Oluzo : oya I don hear..

We discussed different kinds of issues as we walked down the street of adeleke at osi-ekiti village till we get to caro’s mother’s shop. Luckily for me, the girl was still there and caro’s mum was no where to be found.

I quickly observe the girl sitting beside Caro, she is slim and tall ,she has a sexy lips and a bit big b–bs and a manageable ukwu ” at least for an average thinking guy like moi” *wink* ..she is black, but she no too fine jorh! But I go manage am.. when Caro saw us, she quickly pull out two plastic chairs and reach them to oluzo. Oluzo quickly pull the chair and he sit besides Caro. (badt guy lol)
I quickly seized the opportunity to sit besides caro’s friend. Without no much time wasting I was able to win her yes and she quickly accept my proposal. Omo dis girl cheap sha..( I thought) . To cut the story short, the girl followed me home, we discussed for a while but when I see say she no be the hard to get type like nifemi, I quickly use the opportunity take chop her.. Omo! Me self don de turn baddo o, but this girl simple sha! Anyways that’s none of my business, I no kuku get her number self..

After she left, oluzo rushed down to my room.

Oluzo : hmmm! You self don bad gan o

Me : na u be my mentor nah

Oluzo : abeg I go see u later…
He ran out of my room, only God knows what he is doing..suddenly my phone ringed, it’s nifemi… Chai this girl again! !

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