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Added: Oct 13, 2017
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Me and my Supernatural Girlfriend - Season 1 - Episode 26
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Source: coolval22
The next morning! Nino had already left for work. I stood up from my bed and I saw a huge bold and tall man standing infront of me..yeeh! What’s this?..‎

With full force of acceleration I dashed into our sitting room, I waste no much time to found myself dazzling under the beautiful mango tree infront of our building. I saw oluzo entering his room from where I was standing.. oluzoo! (I call out loud). He halt and turned in awe ..

Oluzo : harno.. Wetin happen! Why you de run like person whey dog de chase so?

Me : Bros if na dog e for better o, wetin de chase me na im I never know o.(I said in a horse tone )

Oluzo : you must be joking. How won’t you know what is chasing you?

Me : am serious I don’t know what is chasing me..(gasping )

Oluzo : then why you come de run?

Me : guy! as I wake up this morning, I just see one huge man whey stand infront of me, the person huge, he tall and all him cloth na white..bros I no wait make he move before breeze carry me comot for my room o…‎

Oluzo : chai! Mehn! This guy na cow o (he said in a disgusting manner)

Me : ha! Guy u no fit understand I swear.

Oluzo : abeg shut that your red mouth make u go sit-down.. you too de fear sha! You be woman o. So na since that girl don tell you say she be ogbanje na im your mind no de at rest?

Me : guy! It’s not that am scared, but wetin I de see this days de make me fear ni..

Oluzo : oga! You know wetin I go tell you? Go house go drink your cold water make you go relax your mind..nothing go happen to you.. no fear

Me : are you sure!

Oluzo : reeelaxxx! Nothing go happen!

Me : ok o, I don hear..

Me : But you go do me one favor o!

Oluzo : I de hear you..

Me : abeg you go need to follow me reach our place..

Oluzo : hahahaha! Chai! If I call u coward now, you go say I de insult you abi?

Me : I accept, I be coward just follow me abeg..

Oluzo : ok! Oya let’s go..

Oluzo escorted me back to my place we both entered my room and he left for home. I sit for a while still not feeling satisfied!i quickly lay on my bed and cover myself with the blanket on my bed…then suddenly I started hearing footsteps moving in the kitchen… yeeh! I quickly cover my head and started shaking… mehn! Am in trouble!

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