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Added: Oct 13, 2017
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Me and my Supernatural Girlfriend - Season 1 - Episode 28
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I jumped up from where I was laying..I was really surprise to hear her say that! Why I go vow when girls full the whole world? So I no go fit flex myself because of one nifemi abi?..never!!! And mostly, na from my childhood days I don loathe this spiritual vow things ,cus all the ones whey I de see for film no de get good ending. It’s either the girl dies and the boy remain unmarried till he dies, verse versa..I quickly screamed!!!

Me : ha! For what? Don’t you trust me anymore?

Nifemi : promise I trust you! But this will make me trust you more,

Me : no and never, will I never do such!

Nifemi : why?

Me : cus it’s not good!

Nifemi : and who told you that?

Me ; I know it’s not good!

Nifemi : then explain it better to me..

Me : right from my childhood days na im I don de against am..

Nifemi : promise I know you don’t love me (crying)

She started crying like a baby, her tears made me gave a second thought to what she asked of me..

But e no easy nah, make I no come chop another girl again..haba!

Suddenly she stop crying..and she cleaned her eyes with a white face towel

Nifemi : promise there is something I will like to tell you.

Me : am all ears..

Nifemi : ok! But you will have to promise me you won’t tell anyone.

Me : I promise..

Nifemi : if you tell anyone, you will die o..

Me : ha! The thing strong like that?

Nifemi : yes! It’s a big secret from my occult realm..

Me : abeg! E be likesay I nogo wan hear that one o, cus I remember the last one whey you tell me, naso different things de happen to me. Now you don wan carry another one come whey go begin make me fear…

Nifemi : harno just calm down, it is all about you..

Me : wetin you wan tell me about me, whey go come involve my life?

Nifemi :
don’t worry, nothing will happen to you if you didn’t tell anyone..

Me : ok! Am listening…(I adjust my sitting position)

Nifemi : ok! The lady you brought home the other day.. (she paused and started adjusting herself in a suspicious way.. like pikin whey steal meat whey dem catch)

Me : yes! What happened to her?

Nifemi : she is dead!!!

Me : chimooo!!! ( I jumped up from where I was sitting) ..

I was lost in words and I never could utter one, the girl I just bleeped two days ago is gone, the girl I thought I enjoyed is no more … what a life!!!

The question is, who killed this innocent girl?

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