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Added: Oct 13, 2017
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Me and my Supernatural Girlfriend - Season 1 - Episode 30
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Whattt??? I screamed out loud, I started panting heavily that I almost pee on my pant.. what have I gotten myself into now? En! Na which kind life be this, shey na like this I go take die ni?.. I said out loud…

Nifemi : promise, calm down… that is why I want you to do covenant with me,so that they won’t be able to get you..

Me : hmmmm! Hope it won’t involve my life sha?

Nifemi : no, you should know that I won’t do anything to hurt your feelings, am just trying to help you..

Me : ok let’s do it…

She stretch the reddish stuff forward and she ask me to hold it with my left hand. I was a bit reluctant to do so, but she gave me an assurance look, I quickly hold it and she asked me to close my eyes.. I did that, but the next time I opened my eyes, I saw Nino entering my room..

Me : Bros! Welcome when did you came back..? (I said while I scrubbed my back, cus it was a bit painful..)

Nino : about 3 hours ago, but when I came in, I saw you sleeping and I don’t want to disturb you so I excused you..

Me : really?!! So av been sleeping for more than 3 hours?..( I shout)

Nino : I don’t know o, I should be asking you that.. abeg come go help me buy food for mama put place..(he stretched 500 naira note towards me)

I collect it and stand up from my bed, then Nino screamed while he stare at my face.. I was a bit surprised until he asked..

Nino : promise, wetin make you de bleed for nose?

Me : me?

Nino : yes

Me : am not bleeding (I touched my nose to confirm, but my fingers were filled with blood in return..)

Yeeeh! What’ is this?.. blood for my nose?… I jumped from where I was and I quickly get a mirror for myself, I cross-examine my face, and the blood is still coming..

Nino reached out a tissue paper to me, and I quickly use it to clean them off! was then I could recall that I and nifemi just made a covenant and she might have done something to my body..

Nino : wetin do you promise?

Me : Bros I no understanding o.. I just de see am as you take tell me ni ( the fear of death won’t just let me speak)

Nino : but did you feel any pain before going to bed?

Me : no, I slept after playing game on my laptop..

Nino : this is serious, I will call my doctor she will check u up soon.. take a rest and relax, I will go get the stuff myself. (He stood up and went out, )

I was very scared, what is happening to me,? What have I done to myself? And why am I bleeding? Shebi nifemi told me she is doing it for me ni.. if that’s true then why is all this happening to me?… several questions started running out of my mouth but the problem is, I can’t tell anyone about what happened between I and nifemi in order to avoid story that touches…

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