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Added: Oct 13, 2017
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Me and my Supernatural Girlfriend - Season 1 - Episode 31
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Source: coolval22
Few hours later nino’s doctor arrived, she followed Nino to my room, I was laying on my bed facing the wall when Nino called to summon me back..‎ promise, stand up… Dr is here..she will examine you to know the cause of your bleeding ..

Me : ok! (I adjust myself and sit right, but deep inside of me, I know what is wrong with me but the wahala be say, I no go fit talk)
She proceed with the test and after some several minutes of examining my condition , she finally came up with the result..
Dr : Mr Nino, your brother is fine, he is just having a little stress problem, he will be alright within some days..

After she said this, I almost scream out loud ” stress keh” but the fear of nifemi is the beginning of wisdom, I dare not try such else hmm.. I can’t say for now..

Nino : ok, thank you Doctor, hope he will be fine sha?

Dr : yes offcus, all he needs is enough rest..(she assured)

Nino : thank you Doctor

Dr : you are welcome sir, we are just doing our job ni.. promise please take enough of your time to calm yourself down, you stressed yourself too much.. please take enough rest, within some days you will be fine okay?

Me : ok ma thank you..

They both walked out of my room and I could hear their words as it fades aways in the winds.. I lay my back on the bed and tried to recall what nifemi actually did to my body, but the only thing I could recall was, she asked me to close my eyes and relax on the bed..

Na which kind wahala be dis self?.. I picked my phone and decide for once to challenge her and ask her what she had done to me, I quickly dialled her number and she picked immediately..

Nifemi : hello promise..

Me : nifemi what have you done to my body ? ( I asked in a furious manner)

Nifemi : promiseeee!(she stressed my name) calm down, don’t worry, I will be at your place tomorrow, we will talk it over..comon be a man…

Me : no, I demand a reply now and not tomorrow.. tell me I want to know what you did to me. And it’s now not tomorrow.

Nifemi : okay, it’s just a bloody transformation that spiritually connects or bound our souls together..

Me : nifemi what are you saying, shebi you said it’s just a vow and how does a vow has to do with transformation and bounding our souls together?

Nifemi : promise relax tomorrow we will talk better, but for now, I won’t say more about it.. you will soon know am doing this because of you don’t worry..

Me : (crying) nifemi please just stop this, you are hurting me alot please….

Nifemi : harno don’t tell me you are getting it wrong?.. you are the love of my life, I won’t hurt your feelings na.. just chill till 2moro.. bye for now… love you
She hang off the call, she left me on OMG! Mode..

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