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Added: Oct 13, 2017
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Me and my Supernatural Girlfriend - Season 1 - Episode 32
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Source: coolval22
For about ten minutes , my phone was still glued to my ear, I cried bitterly that my tears almost transformed to blood.. I felt the pain in me, nifemi played me, she made me do what I detest most, she initiated me without my awareness.. I managed to drop the phone from my ears. immediately it touched the bed it rings out loud..who could this be? I quarried!..
I picked my phone and check the caller..jezz it’s TPUMPY. My old nigga for hood!.. I quickly forgot my pains

Me : TPUMPY oga oga! Hafa nah..

TPUMPY : nawa for you o, you just forget us like say we no exist for your dictionary again..( one thing about him is his famous slang, dictionary, everything for him own eyes must de dictionary lol)‎

Me : alaye no be so jare, na changing of environment cause am..

TPUMPY : ok no wahala, guess what?

Me : you self know say I no Sabi guess just tell me wetin you wan tell me abeg

TPUMPY ; am coming to ekiti tomorrow and for your information na your place I go crash..

Me : yah! no lele Bros.. but no too Waka for late hour o cus bad boys dem full here.

Tpumpy : who bad boys help?

Me : your pocket nah…

Tpumpy : hahahaha! OK sha! Help me greet Bros nino..

Me : press red abegi!

Before I complete the statement, he hang off the call and we end the conversation.. Tpumpy baba, I don miss that guy no be small, he too Sabi as things de go. Few minutes later, my phone beeped and it was oluzo who text me on whatsapp


Oluzo : nawa to you o. Since you don bleep nifemi now,we no exist for your side again abi?

Me : alaye no be so nah.. nah because say I no well .

Oluzo : even when you well that time, you no de different from a sick person before, but this one whey u come sick so, na gobe

Me : oga later abeg! I wan sleep..
I felt a bit dizzy, so I went out to get one tin of peak milk for myself, I opened it and consume it without removing it from my mouth.. mehn blood don short for my body no be small. I say that in an affirmative manner.. but why nifemi come de do me like this nah.. and I love the girl o, anyways make I de wait for tomorrow first.

I remove my blanket from my Ghana-must-go bag and I covered myself with it. Suddenly I saw someone entering my room, the Person was actually putting on black from head to toe which covered both his fingers nails and his toe. With great fear I tried to jump up as the creature was edging closer to me but I couldn’t , I tried to scream but my voice were no longer mine, I tried to run but I can’t feel my legs and I also tried to think but my head was empty.

The creature step closer as I was struggling to free myself from the actual spot I was, he stretched his left hand fort and he said “follow me!”

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