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Added: Oct 13, 2017
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Me and my Supernatural Girlfriend - Season 1 - Episode 33
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I forcefully pulled myself up from where I was laying, with full speed like cheetah, I dashed out of my room, at first I head straight to nino’s room, I [email protected] the door but he couldn’t hear me, I tried I shout but nothing come out of my mouth.. what’s the next option I thought within myself.. I turned to take a good look maybe the creature was still after me, but low and behold, there it is moving closer to where I was standing..

I never take a second look before I head straight to the sitting room, to my greatest surprise, the door was wide open. Who could have done this!? I quarried.. but this is actually not the time to ask questions, it is offcus the time to be nimble and brisk ..for the second time, I turn to take an eyeful of where he was,but right behind me he was.. I quickly opt for the door and like a flash in the sky I dashed out of our apartment..

To my greatest surprise everywhere was bushy, no house no mango tree no car, but all I could see is the bushy area filled with leaves.. chimoo! I don enter am.. I looked back to confirm if my house was still there, but unluckily for me, it was gone. Am now trapped within the heart of an unknown area filled with bushes…

There is no other option left than to keep running till probably I could find a suitable area to hide myself. Then I start running .. the more swift I run, the closer the creature gets to me..

I started shouting for help, but it was rootless cus no one could possibly hear me scream.. mehn! Am in it.. before I could realize where I was, I found myself in the middle of a great wilderness, how did I get here?.. I quarried..

The only solution now is to keep running till I find an asylum.. I took no much time to think about that before I took to the idea,.. on my way going I stop running and I tried to look back, but the creature was no where to be found then I stop running. I keep moving until I saw a old unpainted shaggy building ,I could see flames coming out of it so I decided to enter..

I was panting heavily like someone that just survived from the claws of lion. I was in a dark room that looked like an occult room, but there were different kind of fetish stuffs arranged on the wall of the room like an herbalist man room .

then suddenly the rain starts falling heavily .
Every single drops that hit the roof, increase the tempo of my heart beats.. most expecially the loud noise of the thunder claps. I was so menaced that I fondled tightly to my white long sleeve as i scrutinize around the room.

Suddenly the door slammed heavily against the wooden walls behind me, the clash was so loud,that the tiny particles of the woods splashes into the air forming a dusty cloud above me ..

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