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Added: Oct 13, 2017
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Me and my Supernatural Girlfriend - Season 1 - Episode 34
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The walls made a loud creaking sound and the building dazzled in response to the slam,I looked back, but there he was right behind me, fearfully my eyes diverted to the wooden door.. I ran towards the door I pulled the handle with full force and fear ,panting heavily like a famished pig .but the door was locked..

After battling with the door for a while, I noticed the creature was no where to be found then I stop pulling, I turned to my left side and I saw a passage linked towards a room, I walked towards the room and from far distance I could see the sign of fire burning in there.. as I edge closer to the room I could hear A mysterious evil laughter booming from the edge of the room .

This made me feel somehow dizzy, but I never stop walking. Finally I got to the entrance of the room, I peeped from where I was and I saw people’s who sit forming a circular form around a burning fire, at first I knew none of them cus they paint their face with white stuff, they started singing and dancing their music and dancing steps looks so funny and strange to me so I patiently stood there busy watching the drama..

Then suddenly someone Tapped me from behind, I almost pee on my shorts as if my mind is gonna escape through my nose..i jumped like an antelope and smashed my head to the wall.. I screamed yeeeeh! Then I opened my eyes.. it was then I knew I have been dreaming all this while…mehn! I was d--n terrified..that very night I was unable to sleep anymore, I quickly opened my laptop and started playing games..

The next morning i received a call from nifemi she said she will be at my place around 10am.. now am more than ever ready to challenge her and and know what she had done to me..the time keep crawling like a toddler who is just trying his first crawl.. Chai! This time too slow sha! Na which kind tin be this self?.. I picked my phone and I dailed tp’s number to confirm his whereabout…

Me : hello tp where u de?

Tpumpy :
I don almost reach the address whey you give me self.. abeg come out make I fit Sabi the place

I quickly hanged off the call and rush out of my room. I sat under the mango tree outside of our building waiting patiently for him. I was later joined by oluzo, he started asking me some irrelevant questions that almost made me confess what my problem was to him, but fear no de gree me talk..

After waiting for about 20 more minutes, tpumpy finally show..i jumped up from where I was, and we both exchange pleasantries.. I introduced him to oluzo and we both stood up as I was about to lift his ghana-must-go back..everything just went black.. I fell and faint..

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